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    Dear Crackberry members,

    Fist of all i want to apologize, because my english is not well.

    I have a blackberry bold 9700. I didnt payed my bill last month, cuse i was on vacation, so vodafone cut the line with me. Now i have to wait till next month before they will activate it again. This wasnt a really big problem for me because i always used WiFi and i could use BBM and MSN when i was connected to my WiFi at home, at school or at work. Yesterday my phone i updated my phone with the next software: After this was successfully done i tried to connect with WiFi again. It connected with my home network but the Icon stayed grey and didnt become white (what stands for connected) although even when the icon was grey i could go to websites like gmail.com and facebook.com..but when i tried to connect on MSN it said to me: Dataservice is not available. I BBM all mij contacts are black they dont have a picture on there display. Can somebody please help me out? Already thanks
    10-27-10 03:58 PM
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    Does nobody know a solution??
    10-30-10 12:11 PM