1. crw9691's Avatar
    Hi Guys (",)

    Bit of a newbie here and been abit of a lurker reading all the threads and gaining some valuable info and insite into the world of Blackberry.

    I am 4 months into owning a Bold and love it and now appreciate what all the fuss is about!

    However I seem to be having a problem with my wifi.

    My bold tells me that it is connected to my wifi network in all the places it should, managing network connections and in wifi settings but the little wifi icon under the signal strength icon does not light up and when I attempt to use the browser it states that I am not in an area that can currently handle data.

    This has only started happening afew days ago. I have tried a battery pull to no avail and am now at a loss what to do.

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Cheers (",)
    05-08-09 06:44 PM
  2. Dogmann's Avatar
    Hi crw9691,

    I had the same problem a week ago and tried everything including various OS's and wiping with Jlcmndr eventually in frustration i phoned my Network provider thinking it was a hardware fault and i would need a replacement. Got put through to the BB help desk and after explaining my problem the rep put me on hold whilst speaking to a colleague apparently he new something about it and sent something via the Blackberry server and to my amazement whilst still on the call to him it suddenly came back to life. I also noticed after having removed and added the WiFi connection numerous times although it showed the connection name there was no green tick next to it. My advice would be speak to your providers BB help desk as they should both know about it and fix it for you.

    05-08-09 08:20 PM
  3. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    That same thing happened to me. The OS upgrade i did fixed it.
    05-09-09 09:37 AM
  4. Username00089's Avatar
    It is also possible that the problem may be with the router. I've been using my wi-fi with my router for a long time now. And all of a sudden I was running into the same problem. Turns out that my router is defective.
    05-09-09 12:16 PM
  5. crw9691's Avatar

    The carrier (orange) first stated that the handset was faulty so have sent me another.

    And guess what....exactly the same problem.

    My router seems to be fine as I am linked via the laptop and friends of mine can link up with their phones (iPhones...grrrrr)

    I have taken my Bold and tried it on a mates wireless network and experienced exactly the same issue.

    I have rung Orange again and they have forwarded it to the tech guys and I'm waiting for a call back....not holding my breath of course!

    Chris (",)
    05-11-09 09:48 AM