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    I've had my blackberry for awhile and I've always just ignored the wifi and have yet to use it. Here lately I've been getting low signal so I'm really wanting too; but unfortunately unable too.

    When ever I go to connect my phone to WiFi I go into connections -> Set up WiFi -> Scan for Networks -> Find my network tap on it... Then I get this message.

    "This wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup. To connect using a PIN (which your BlackBerry will generate), click next."

    At that point it will give me a pin. Well, I hardly got the router setup in the first place (needless to say I'm not really smart when it comes to this), so I have no clue how to enter a pin into my router. I have a Linksys router and I use Cisco Network Magic.

    If ANYONE could help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
    10-18-10 01:45 AM
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    I've figured it out. For anyone else whom is having this issue and has a linksys router you can

    1. Open an Internet browser window on your computer and go to

    2.When prompted, leave the username blank and type your password (the default is admin).

    3. Click on the Wireless tab.

    4. On this screen there should be a place in the middle of the screen where you can type the PIN that your phone wants you to enter. After typing the PIN, click the Register button.

    It might look as if it isn't accepting it on your phone; but if you give it a couple seconds it will take it!! (=
    10-18-10 02:17 AM
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    it also works to back out of that and just connect instead

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    10-18-10 04:51 AM
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    Yeah F the pin set up
    Instead of clicking next, hit back and enter the network key or leave it blank. And manually connect.

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    10-18-10 07:27 AM