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    my friend gave me her blackberry curve 8520. she bought it from at&t. there is no longer a data plan or phone service on the phone. I gave he phone to my daughter for music, videos, and surfing the net. I turned on wifi and it is connected, but I am unable to connect to the internet. I have used all the apps that came with the phone:media net, yellowpages.com, browser which all came with the phone and none of them are able to connect. what settings are required to use the wifi exclusively?

    02-16-12 09:53 PM
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    click on the browser icon, press the blackberry button and click on options, then click on browser configuration. On the top where it says browser change the option to hotspot browser. That will let you connect and use all free wifi hotspots (like mcdonalds or star bucks) and use anyone elses connection if you have the network key.

    And of course make sure your wifi is enabled.
    02-17-12 05:05 AM
  3. thebrenda's Avatar
    i tried that a million times - honestly. that by itself did not work for me. finally got it to work, not exactly sure what did it, but this is what i have now. of course the wifi has to be on.

    1) options -> advanced options -> browser -> configuraton: hotspot browser
    2) manage connections -> Mobile Network OFF
    3) settings -> mobile network -> Data Services On
    4) settings -> mobile network -> *None*
    ++ although it would not let me change it directly. it did say AT&T but somewhere along the way it changed itself to None
    5) Launch browser -> menu button -> Options -> clear operations -> clear everything
    6) turn off and back
    02-17-12 06:20 AM
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    OK. go to browser and it does not work. get a message like network not found. go right back in and it works. i have a strong wifi signal and am connected to my home network. what is up with the BB. it needs to be more stable with the hotspot browsing. any suggestions?
    02-17-12 07:01 AM
  5. MrLynd54's Avatar
    Sounds like it may be time for a data plan.
    02-17-12 07:15 AM
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    my question was about using wi-fi only and not using a data plan and your advice is to use a data plan?. the whole point is to not use a data plan.
    02-18-12 08:46 AM
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    You will need a BlackBerry Data Plan if you want to access data features even over WiFi.
    02-18-12 07:26 PM
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    "You will need a BlackBerry Data Plan if you want to access data features even over WiFi. "

    That is what i am trying to find out. I want to surf the internet and play games. Does it really take a data plan to do these two things?
    02-19-12 10:37 AM
  9. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Yes. It does. That's the answer.
    02-19-12 11:19 AM
  10. thebrenda's Avatar
    i am accessing the internet fine from my bb. not sure what the original problems were, but it is fairly stable and fast now. using a browser, several apps, and just downloaded a bunch of games from appverse right here on crackberry. so why are you saying that i need a data plan?
    02-20-12 08:22 PM
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    i have open browser configuration but the is no option for select hotspot browser, it showing this error: your device dose not currently have any Browser Configuration service Book Entries.
    11-13-12 05:59 AM
  12. iamq's Avatar
    if you have no BIS plan then delete your service books and you should be able to use the browser and whatsapp via wifi only
    11-22-12 12:31 PM
  13. ankit_jain's Avatar
    Thanks man. It worked.
    05-07-15 04:25 PM
  14. ankit_jain's Avatar
    Thanks man! It did the job.
    05-07-15 04:26 PM
  15. Craigash's Avatar
    If it's on AT&T. Do a Security Wipe. Get a sim card activate it on Phone with BIS and set the phone up with a BlackBerry ID.

    Posted via CB10
    05-08-15 12:50 AM