1. boges200's Avatar
    I don't have a data plan, but should the wifi work? i can 'connect' to the networks but its grey not a solid white connection. Other blackberries work on the same network so don't think its a router prob, have done bat pull/recycled network....
    06-01-10 02:31 PM
  2. J Antonio's Avatar
    You need a Blackberry Data Plan. Most of your data is routed through RIM servers even on Wifi

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    06-01-10 05:36 PM
  3. diegonei's Avatar
    No, you don't need a data plan to have Wi-Fi working.

    BIS is necessary for some apps, Push email and some other stuff, but there is plenty you can do on Wi-FI only.

    Delete the hotspot from the device, boot it and tr to login again.
    06-01-10 10:03 PM