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    got a weird issue that i'm hoping someone can help me with. i've got a bold 9650 on vzw and i did the upgrade to os6 but i hated it. i downgraded to again, restored my data, did the ota to and everything seemed to be working fine until i noticed that when my 9650 is connected to a wifi, the blackberry browser refuses to use the wifi for the connection. it will time out, kick me to the 3g icon in the upper right, and then will start working over the 3g only. opera mini seems to be using the wifi fine, as well as the blackberry podcast app and a few others. the only issue i'm having is when im using the blackberry browser.

    one thing i did notice this time is that when i went into browser options i saw listings for 3 browsers. Hotspot Browser, Internet Browser, and Internet Browser 2. I've seen the hotspot one before, but never a duplicate of the Internet Browser.

    i fooled around with the system options menu and started deleting some service books i saw related to the browser and that seemed to get it working again, but when i woke up this morning it was back to not using wifi for the blackberry browser and timing out. i checked my books and it looks like everything i tossed was still gone.

    anyone else come across this issue? is there a specific servicebook i should be deleting and re-registering to get to fix it?

    any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    also i can confirm that it is not the wifi network as my wifes droid x and all of our computers connect fine to it, same goes with my hacked iSpot. my 9650 was working fine on both before i did the OS6 dance and renege.


    i also forgot to mention that when i go into wifi diagnostics i am able to ping out to google.com successfully when it's connected to the wifi and with the 3g radio turned off.
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    Hotspot and Internet Browser are fine. But delete the Service Book for Internet Browser 2.

    Options > Advanced Options > Service Book > highlight BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service 2 > press the Menu button > select Delete
    01-28-11 06:29 PM