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    I've checked both crackberry search and google but to no avail.

    I've recently (Yesterday) noticed a drop in the amount of signal my phone will get on wifi, as i live in an area of 0 coverage, WiFi is essential.

    I've always got 4 bars of signal around the house, and 2-3 in my bedroom. But now i'm lucky if I get one bar upstairs. I don't get any now.

    This issue started sunday and as far as I'm aware, We've not had any new devices installed which could have caused interferance as all other devices (laptop, iPad, xbox etc.) are working fine.
    I plan on re-installing my OS ( to see if that fixes it, but I'm wandering if anyone knows of a solution? I've had the OS for a while, so i don't believe its that. Obviously, toggling WiFi and battery pulls have been tried.

    Thanks in advance

    - Will

    OS restored: Still no difference. WTAF?
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    03-06-12 01:57 PM
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    Also, if it makes any difference, I've seen no noticeable drop in signal over mobile network.
    03-06-12 02:22 PM