1. tbwalkeriii's Avatar
    I found Wi-Fi Proxy +FTP/HTTP Servers on Blackberry App World, BUT I cant get it to work on my Blackberry Storm 2. I've tried to contact their support at foryourblackberry dot com but I've got no reply. I'd love to have all the features and benefits listed in this app, and I'm more than willing to pay the $18.99 price tag. I just wish it really worked.

    Has anyone had success with this APP, or has anyone had success in contacting the vendor at foryourblackberry dot com? I'm starting to wonder if it's a legit app or not. Their site looks like it's hosted out of Russia (.ru on their provider), and I cant get anyone to reply from their support at foryourblackberry dot com.

    I'd like to hear from people trying this app, and see if anyone is at all successful at getting it to work. It's configured to let you Upload/Download via HTTP and FTP over both WiFi and your phone Carrier, but I have as of yet to hear about anyone successfully using this app.

    If your a Blackberry user that likes to play with apps, can you give this app a try on your phone and let me know if you actually get the FTP or HTTP servers working on your phone?

    03-24-10 03:09 PM
  2. djnorman's Avatar
    a bit dated, but...
    I got the http server working locally.
    and got it to try to proxy to the bis, but that timed out. (provider issue? not sure)
    The key things are,
    1- watch the youtube video on the website (foryourblackberry.com)
    2- the BB must be connected to a wifi host it seems.
    (it doesn't create a wifi source, you must use something else
    and connect to it with the bb. Plus, i couldn't get firefox to
    deal with the system proxy, only IE would would try.)
    09-26-10 02:03 AM