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    DSSELDORF. Record results include the Canadian Blackberry manufacturer RIM already so routine as the competitor Apple. The third quarter of RIM was doing with a sales increase of 40 percent over prior-year quarter and a net profit of 911 million after 628 million a year earlier no exception. And although for the current quarter are expected to return records to show skeptical investors and analysts. Apple's shares rose by 52 percent since the beginning, the RIM-paper fell in the same period by over eleven percent to $ 60.20. On Friday, after the announcement of the numbers, it was only slightly upward.

    Because some things can sound a note of caution. For example, RIM had shipped in the quarter 14.2 million Blackberrys, but sold only 12.3 million of them. The remaining 1.9 million assessed Co-CEO Jim Balsillie as a necessary inventory build in the trade for the holiday season. Analysts keep the number but it is fairly high.

    Cause discomfort increasing spending on marketing and advertising. High pressure is working on the expensive launch of RIM's competitors iPad Playbook. However, the fear, could this also growing advertising and marketing costs have been hidden, to defend the market position of competing against the attacking smartphones. RIM's marketing expenses were 22 percent above the August quarter. Android smartphones (Google) are in the U.S. market is now the number one in sales, Apple and Blackberry. The U.S. has 34 percent of total sales RIM's largest single market.

    "Rim gets no respect," says analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co striking together. There are also positive, as strong growth in Asia, especially China and India. In addition, the CEO Balsillie, there is always more prepaid customers. This is an important indicator of success in retail banking, conquer the Balsillie urgently. The competition forced their hand in the corporate business.
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    Unless the 9780 is different than the Torch..then no.

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