1. Jeff Roseman's Avatar
    I've just bought a BB Bold. Everything is fine except for WiFi connectivity. I've read various threads about connection problems and suspect that this problem is something simple.... A site survey reveals my Ad-Hoc Wifi network complete with correct SSID, MAC address, channel number and encryption type (WEP). so why the !!! won't it simply connect to it. I don't have a route as such, the WiFi network is coming from a Dell laptop running ICS. There are four other laptops in the household that connect to it plus two WiFi capable Nokia mobiles - all connect without the slightest problem. so why not the BB?

    Any insight would be gratefully received.

    Perhaps the BB simply doesn't like WEP encryption...
    09-21-10 02:14 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Moving to the WiFi message board.

    You are not completely clear whether (a) you can't make *any* wifi connection (no WiFi logo next to your cell signal bars, or authentication rejected) OR (b) you cant get BlackBerry service over WiFi (WiFi connects with password but it stays dimmed, not bright white).

    The other point is that WEP is pointless and well cracked. You should aim for at least WPA.
    09-21-10 07:32 AM
  3. Jeff Roseman's Avatar
    Hello Branta,

    Thanks for the help.

    The WiFi connectivity is functional - I can see my neighbours network which is WPA encrypted but obviously I don't know the password so I can't try to connecto it. As regards the crackability of WEP, where I live there is no-one around for miles (apart from said neighbour) and I think that WEP is all that Windows ICS offers anyway. I could of course by a separate router, but what a pain when every other WiFi enabled device in the universe can connect to my network without the slightest problem.

    Interestingly, I went into town today and thought I would check to see what my BB thought about the tourist WiFi network we have. Sure enough the SSID for the network comes up in the WFi connections list but again it won't connect. In this case the network is 'Open' and what usually happens is that as soon as you begin to navigate using any browser you're automatically taken to a login page where you have to enter a username and password as provided by the tourist office - this then give you two hours of free navigation. In the case of the BB, upon opening the browser I receive a message saying that I can't launch the browser because there's no active WiFi connection.

    Perhaps I'm missing the point of BB connectivity...

    Any thoughts?
    09-23-10 06:23 AM
  4. crazy canuck's Avatar

    BlackBerry does not support Ad Hoc Wi-fi Networks. The capability exists it is simply turned off on the BlackBerry (citing security reasons or some BS like that). It took me days of digging to finally realize this.

    If you find a hack or work around please post it here, I also would like the BB to connect to Ad Hoc networks.
    09-23-10 07:45 AM
  5. Jeff Roseman's Avatar
    Thanks crazy canuck,

    It would appear to be just a you say. So, short of buying a router I've just discovered (I'm very new to BlackBerry) that my network provider in Italy (Wind Infostrada) have an 'always on' network plan which costs only 9 per month. We have excellent 3G coverage here so I've just requested that service - it'll take a few hours to activate at which point I should 'finally' be able to use the browser!

    Thanks for the help.

    I have another problem - perhaps for another thread - Why the he.. can't I configure the mail application to default to SMS? I suppose RIM think that e-mail should have precedence but in Italy SMS is king. It just means that I have to select the SMS Inbox every time a text arrives - most annoying!
    09-26-10 04:22 AM
  6. Jeff Roseman's Avatar
    The internet connectivity package is now active and works fine. I've even configured the default message access to SMS! The only part of the connectivity that was bit naff was the conditions acceptance page which wouldn't go away. Oh well, all working now. Thanks guys. Bye for now.....
    09-26-10 05:11 AM