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    Ever since the start of Winter Quarter (current quarter) I've been having issues connecting my BB 8900 (TMO) to the DePaul's wifi. My old 8900 connected just fine, but when the new quarter started after winter break I was unable to connect. I tried re-adding the network and all that stuff but no luck. I got a warranty replacement for the phone and still no luck. I took the phone to the support center in the computer labs and still no luck.

    UMA icon does not show up on phone
    Wifi icon is grayed out
    Network name does show up on home screen as connected
    Sometimes, even though wifi is grayed out and apparently not fully connected, I can turn off the mobile radio and still access the internet.

    Anyone else at DePaul having issues? Please help!

    It sucks going from full signal (UMA) anywhere in school to no signal (UMA/wifi or EDGE/GPRS even)!

    edit: Why do I constantly typo "univeristy"?
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