1. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    First - I am NOT interested in browsing the internet. I want to use wifi to call as I am where TM does not have reliable service. The whole connection here is screwy, I had a godawful time getting the laptop to connect. It seems the motel is using some kind of free service from Google, and you have to click on some kind of Google ad to get it going. I can get to the login, the agreement page, but I will be damned if that google ad will show up. Like I said, all I want to do is make a phone call. Am I missing some kind of software to allow the phone to use voice over wifi? I don't have data, and don't need it. Sitting here typing on a laptop which has a bigger screen and a better keyboard.
    The wifi will connect at home and I can call on it. I suspect it's this motel unless I'm missing some steps.
    06-08-10 06:51 PM