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    Someone please correct me if I am wrong::

    I just bought a new bold, I have the wifi activated and turned on. With the wifi on, does this mean I can make & receive calls with the wifi and not with the network? Also send and receive msgs?

    Only asking because at my work, I am constantly going in and out of svc when I walk into different rooms. with the wifi can i still use the network aspects of the phone even when I dont have vzw service?

    Sorry if this is confusing!

    06-07-10 12:54 PM
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    To use your BB as a phone over wifi you need UMA which is only available on T-Mobile, not Verizon. Yours won't work.

    UMA, especially the ability to use it at home (spotty network service) and overseas (where UMA functions as a US cell tower and allows me to make "local" calls to the US) are the reason both my wife and I are big fans of TMO. (I have no other relation to the company or its affiliates)
    06-08-10 07:30 AM
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    So there really isn't any need to use the wifi since I can't make calls over it?

    Lol. I'm sorry I'm just not getting the point of this whole wifi thing

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    06-13-10 10:05 AM
  4. NotJustAPhone's Avatar
    A couple of benefits to using wifi that may or may not be that important to you:

    1) Web browsing will generally be faster over wifi.

    2) In an area without a cell signal, if you have wifi you can continue to send and receive email and BBM messages, as well as browse the web.

    3) In an area with both, you can talk and surf at the same time, as well as sending and receiving email and BBM messages.
    06-13-10 10:42 AM
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    NotJustAPhone, thanks so much for the clarification! makes sense now! lol.
    06-13-10 07:00 PM