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    I have seen many posts over the last few months about this issue, but none with any suggestions that have resolved my issue!
    I think this goes back to the RIM ouitage in the summer.
    Anyway for MONTHS now, I have been unable to get a WiFi connection on my home AP.
    The one in the office works fine, always has.
    The one at home *seems* to connect - I get the WiFi SSID appear at the top of the screen, but the WiFi logo is greyed out.
    Sometimes, the WiFi logo will light up, but I do not actually get any data transfer. It struggles to do any transfer for a while, then the WiFi logo greys out and it reverts back to the mobile network.
    I have tried all the suggestions I have come across - battery pull, reboot AP and router, resent service books etc.
    I have even wiped my handheld and started again, defaulted my AP and programmed again from scratch. I havent yet resoreted to a baseball bat, but I am very close.

    I have just purchased a new AP out of desperation, even though every other device I own - laptops, iPad, iPod etc. - connects instantly and without any problems.
    Guess what - same issue, except I am 80 quid lighter.
    Can anybody please please please help me sort this one out?

    I am on O2, business account, 8520, six other handsets on account report no issues (however does not necessarily mean they are OK).

    Many thanks in advance.
    11-30-11 05:13 AM