1. flying rhino's Avatar
    I've just purchased a 9700 on T Mobile. I can only get it to connect to my home router if I reboot the router everytime I return home. (On the odd occasion it will maintain it's connection, but on very rarely) It appears to be recognizing the router and the router likewise the phone, however the icon on the screen remains dull grey and no tick appears aginst my router name in the "wifi options menu" Anyone any ideas (in simple terms please) I have read several threads but as yet haven't mannaged to find the answer,
    03-13-10 11:08 AM
  2. B_ren's Avatar
    did you use the push button setup or manually add in your network. also what type of router are you using
    03-13-10 12:36 PM
  3. flying rhino's Avatar
    No. Just did a scan and then saved the profile. I noted in the button set up it requires you to press a botton on the router. On the router I'm using (Belkin) there isn't such a button. My daughter has her curve set up on the same system without problem.
    03-14-10 04:29 AM