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    Hi All,

    This may seem a silly question, however it has been bugging me for some weeks!
    I recently upgraded from a Storm1 to the 9700, what a great phone! I have managed to connect the phone to my home wireless internet with no problems at all. However, I struggle to connect to the net, in coffee shops and pubs etc where they advertise 'Free WiFi'. I thought I would just have to scan for WiFi networks, then click on the open connection, which would then connect me. However, it asks me to log in to the 'Hotspot' and directs me to a website, the Cloud for example. When I am in this situation my phone tells me I am connected to the free WiFi, however the WiFi icon on the phone is not highlighted suggesting i am not? As I am sure you can see I am pretty new to WiFi, hence why I dont understand this. If anyone could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated.

    05-09-10 04:05 AM