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    I just got back to school with my new Torch. So far, I have been very happy with the browser speed and performance. Since I have a bad connection in some areas on campus, I figured I would connect my phone to the school's wifi connection. Since setting it up, my browser has been EXTREMELY slow whether I'm on EDGE or the Wifi network . Anybody have a solution for this?

    Running the latest OS with unlocked T-Mobile

    As a side note, this is my first post and I just wanna thank everybody for all the help I've found on here in the past!
    01-20-11 10:34 AM
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    I don't know what good it'd do but I assume you've tried a battery pull just to see if it helps?
    01-20-11 10:55 AM
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    This is a very common issue. I have scoured the forums and various other sites and blogs and there is no definitive fix. I experience the very same issue constantly. At home on WiFi my connection is so slow its basically unusable yet my wife with her 9780 enjoys a blazing fast connection. Now with other WiFi sources (i.e. Right now as I type) I have no issue.

    The only definitive thing I have found is that the WLAN software version in my wifes 9780 is newer than the one in my Torch even with me installing .337.

    Perhaps (I don't know if its possible) one of the hybrid guru's can advise if it is possible to try the 9780 WLAN version on the Torch. I am thinking both devices would use the same GSM module, but I havent pulled them apart to confirm.


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    01-20-11 12:36 PM