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    Need some help. I am pretty good with technology but some things with the BB 9000 really escape me... just don't have the time to really understand.

    I do NOT have a data package - I do have an email package.

    I do have WiFi on the 9000 and I was originally told that I could connect for free anywhere that there was free WiFi? I have wireless at home and then of course any place in public where there is WiFi...

    If I try to connect to the Internet and I just get "Unable to Connect to the Internet"

    I was told by the store where I bought the Bold that I should come to Crackberry and download an alternate browser and I could use that in WiFi zones? Is this true?

    If so, where do I find the browser? How do I then connect?

    One other question - to use the GPS or Mapping applications - do I need a data package?
    11-19-09 06:36 AM
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    You need to have a Data Package in order for Wifi To be functionable even though it does not use Your Data Package, werid i know, but that is how the carriers have it setup.

    Again for the Maps = Yes you do need a Data Package in order to use GPS and Maps as they utilize DATA.

    As for another browser i am not sure, but on the bold there is the Hot-Spot browser and it may work with Wifi without a Data Package. I never tried as i have a Data Package.

    Just save yourself headaches and get a data Package, 500mb if your just not using it a lot, but 500mb is plenty for me.


    On rogers the 3G service is faster then Most Wifi.
    11-19-09 07:33 AM
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    American carriers are going to require you to get a data package because you have a smartphone now.

    But, wifi will work stand-a-lone, just set your browser settings to "Hotspot". It should work. It works even if you have your radio turned off. Though, many features are limited so don't expect much from wifi. Just get the data plan.

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    11-19-09 09:02 AM
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    Thanks... thought that this was the case...
    11-20-09 06:07 AM