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    i was ordering parts from cnn to fix up my curve 8520 coz there was some bad scratches and chips on it. so i ordered a white faceplate, backplate and white lens.

    i put everything together all fine and the phone is working until i decided to use wifi. i was in my room upstairs and i turned it on and it didnt pick it up. i even deleted it and searched for it and couldnt find anything. went downstairs and powercycled my modem/router. searched for it and only had one bar. checked my bold had 5 bars. im right next to it mind you. i was pretty sure it was working fine with my other backplate. so for kicks i put that back on and was getting a real good signal. i emailed cnn and they were saying my pins wernt touching the connectors. so i had a look and it seems like theres 2 different backplates for the curve 8520.

    had to resize the pics but u can see the difference coz it was taken by my hektik sony digital cam . its the 2 square connectors/terminals

    cnn backplate as you can tell its flush to the backplate

    my old backplate as you can see its alot higher.

    i thought id post this up so if anyone decides to change the whole casing even the backplate to check that in particular coz thats the only thing different i saw.

    ive emailed cnn with those pics just waiting what they can do.
    04-15-10 07:58 AM