1. schunter1226's Avatar
    Can you just connect to a wifi network? What does it mean when it says please enter this pin into the wireless router?

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    01-24-11 10:29 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Hit the curved arrow button and connect like you would with any wifi hotspot. You don't have to use the Wireless Protected Setup feature, if your router does support it, you could use it. If it doesn't, simply back out.

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    01-24-11 10:42 PM
  3. Danimaloxo7's Avatar
    There`s more than one way in to a Wi-Fi network & I`m no expert but I`ll share what I`ve learned here...if you are in a resturant or hotel that advertizes free wi-fi then it will show as an open network with No little padlock showing & you can click on it & your in, You don`t even need a data plan & your on the internet How ever if you check for networks & it shows a closed padlock then you need to know the pin or password to access the network . it`s kinda fun to search for free networks ( Hotspots)in malls just stand in front of a bell store or a starbucks & you`ll probably find open networks BUT if your at a friends house or work or something you`ll need the pin oir password. I got it made I know the bosses password at work & i`ve got wireless internet at home so I hardly use any data at all but I`m always playing with my torch.(When the boss is busy & I`m not)
    01-24-11 10:49 PM