1. Kacey45's Avatar
    I have an older curve and it's supposed to get wifi. I bought the phone off craigslist and it was in very good condition.

    I at first thought the wifi wasn't working but then I realized I had to turn it on, on the phone.

    So I turned it on but it keeps telling me I need to buy a data plan. I can look up the weather but if I try and go to facebook or myspace or anywhere else it keeps telling me I need a data plan.

    How do I get it to work fully and stop saying I need a data plan? Or do I need a data plan?
    08-08-10 05:02 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    The 8330 does not have WiFi. WiFi requires hardware. And if you are on TMobile, you cannot use the 8330.

    Do you perhaps have the 8320. You can go to Options > About and look at the first line to see the model number.

    Most applications will require a BlackBerry Data Plan even over WiFi. You can do some internet browsing using Opera Mini over WiFi without a data plan, however.
    08-08-10 05:08 PM