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    I have been struggling with the Wifi Music Sync on my new Blackberry Torch for almost two weeks. After I uninstalled my third-party firewall (CA Security Suite) and doing a fresh install of BlackBerry Desktop and re-installing Wifi Music Sync on the Torch, I was finally able to connect and to sync wirelessly with Window Firewall running.

    I very carefully noted the settings on Windows Firewall, making sure that TCP and UDP for ports 4481 and 4482 were allowed. When I re-installed CA Security, I made the settings exactly the same as they were in the Windows Firewall (unless I missed something, but I was awfully thorough). I also made sure that Blackberry Desktop (and the rest of the .exe files) were granted access. It seems that no matter what I do, I can't get wireless music sync to run with CA Security Suite.

    I've gone through a lot of headaches with CA's firewall before, and I'm on the verge of dumping it for something easier to configure. But does anyone have any idea whether there's something crucial I've missed?

    I have no problem syncing using the USB cable, but this is frustrating me.
    11-14-10 09:50 AM
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    OK, update.

    I got the solution by posting at the CA Security Suite forums. The solution involves changing a single registry key for the firewall.

    Once I knew what to do, it took me five minutes, and after days of frustration, I am able to wirelessly sync.

    Anyone else having this issue, please post, and I will be glad to share the solution. So far as I know this only fixes the problem where the CA firewall is configured correctly, but the sync won't work even with the firewall disabled.
    11-16-10 07:17 PM