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    Hi everyone!

    I have a Bold 9000 with Vodafone UK, I have BIS on my account and working fine, and have two Wi-Fi profiles setup which connect fine.

    Can anyone answer these few tame questions

    1) By default, my blackberry browser is set to "Internet Browser", will my BB automatically use the Wi-Fi connection if connected to the AP? or do I have to select the default Browser to Hotspot?

    2) If I set the default browser to Hotspot, will the BB automatically switch to the "internet Browser" if no Wi-Fi is connected?

    3) I noticed that every bookmark I make has an option to set a browser, the default being the browser in which the bookmark was created using. If I select a bookmark which has "Internet Browser" set in its properties and I have a Wi-Fi connection, will it automatically use the Wi-Fi connection?

    My first thoughts on this is that the OS software has been developed to utilise Wi-Fi connections mainly for delivering BIS data and not for browsing web pages.

    Even though the options are there for using Wi-Fi to browse, there doesn't seem to be much configuration for Automatic "switching" between Routers and BIS.

    Am I wrong?
    03-09-10 06:46 AM
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    Hmmm, after testing for a few days I think I have figured how wifi works in the new os. Seems there is no need to have a "wifi preferred" option as once BIS connects via wifi, all browsing or internet data streams via the wireless router.

    So regardless of choosing "internet browser" in blackberry browser options, if bis has connected via wifi (the wifi icon is white) all browsing data travells via the router.

    Also' I have found that if the location where you are trying to connect to a wireless router has a unreliable mobile signal (constantly changes between gprs/edge/3g then bis struggles to maintain a connection via wifi, hense why I believe many people struggle to keep the wifi icon white.

    Try changing the mobile connection settings to either 2g or 3g, not both and see if its any better for you

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    03-13-10 11:39 AM