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    I've had my Curve for about 1 month now and i just dont get it, Bluetooth connectivity sucks! I've read post after post saying that their Bluetooth headset doesnt connect or is just staticy. I have tried 3 different bluetooth headsets, a Plantronics 520, an older Motorola and RIMs own HS-655 and nothing but static as soon as I put it in my pocket, the Plantronics actually worked for a week fine when I got it. I use a Motorokr S9 to listen to my music and this works just fine, I can walk 20 feet away no problem, so whats the problem here? Every other phone I've owned I just bought a Bluetooth headset and it paired, it was that easy. Is this a hardware issue with Blackberry's. or firmware. I have upgraded, downgraded firmware (os) and no luck. If anyone can give me the magic answer here I would appreciate it. I have cleared the IT policy so there shouldnt be anything blocking the connection, there is no way as far as I can tell to see bluetooth signal strengh is there?

    I might just have to goto Best Buy and purchase every bluetooth headset they have until I find one that works.
    04-13-08 12:23 AM
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    I've never heard anything good about Motorola headsets, generally speaking. I tried to pair one for another phone today and got nothing but trouble. The charging port didn't even work correctly. To summarize, they just suck IMO.

    I got a Jawbone and it was ok, but kind of hard to get on, and I could hear some static on my end. I returned that and got a BlueAnt V12. After almost two weeks, it has been as smooth as a whistle. Slips on quickly, never fails to connect, works great, has awesome range, and comes with caller ID. It also vibrates if you get a call, and comes with a neck lanyard. It also has incredible battery life! Sound reproduction seems to be something that's often lacking in Bluetooth earpieces, and the V12 is no exception, so it's not ideal for listening to concerts. But, it will perform perfectly for the purpose of normal conversation.

    Best of all, it wasn't a golddigger...only set me back about $40 on ebay. Reasonable price and great performance! I was drawn to it by the excellent reviews on cnet. It's not really "pretty" as far as headsets go, but it's a reliable tool.

    04-13-08 12:52 AM
  3. bgstewar's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat as the OP. I've tried the Plantronics 510 and 520, and unless the phone is held right up to the earpiece, I get so much static I can barely hear the person.

    I have NEVER had a bluetooth problem like this on any other non-BB phone, so I can only surmise that BB has the WORST bluetooth connectivity on the planet. I'm contemplating dumping my Pearl for my old LG 8100 just because of this problem...

    And to agree with the 2nd post, Motorola bluetooth earpieces suck big time. But unlike the OP, I'm not willing to try every earpiece on the planet until I find one that works. This "smart phone" should work right out of the box, and it doesn't. That pisses me off.
    04-13-08 01:19 PM
  4. jchuck97's Avatar
    I think it's hit or miss. I have a Plantronics 510 that was fine. Tried the Blue Ant and it was returned - not comfortable. Just got a Plant. 520 and the static is unbearable. It's going back also.

    I am going to keep using my 510, even though it is reaching the end of it's life - doesnt remain connected, powers off randomly.

    not sure what to do for BT.
    04-13-08 09:36 PM
  5. akira751#CB's Avatar
    I have had no issues with my Moto headset on my Pearl. Most of my friends who have Blackberrys use Moto headsets and have no problems. Sounds like bad luck to me.
    04-14-08 10:58 PM
  6. hadrion's Avatar
    my H700 worked fine with my pearl until yesterday, then it needed to be within like, 1 foot of the phone. I tested syncing with my computer, and the headset syncs fine, but the BB wont sync unless i put it right beside the bluetooth dongle.
    04-15-08 11:21 PM
  7. Guibs's Avatar
    It may sounds stupid but, are you wearing your BB on the same side as your BT headset? Personally, the only time I get some "cutoff" and statics is if I am walking and wearing my BB on my best on the opposite side of my headset. If My BB and headset are on the same side, I usually have no problem.

    This is only when walking. If I'm not moving, I don't get issues if my BB is on the other side compared to my BT headset.

    For the record, I'm using a Blueant Z9.
    04-16-08 11:02 AM
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    My experiance

    Motorola H500 ear piece paired fine, Range is fine. Sound Quality is excellent on my end.

    Plantronics Discovery 655 ear piece paired fine, Range is fine, Sound quality on my end sucks. Not static but just sounds a little distorted.

    Logitech FreePulse Stereo Headphones only- paired fine, Sound and range are excellent.

    I wish the Ear pieces would play sound from the media player in the phone. (yes I did try to activate with in BB Media player)

    Maybe it's your phone or you are using a metal case for it.
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    04-21-08 10:38 PM
  9. CappinHoff's Avatar
    I use an old Motorola H350 on mine with no issues. Connects everytime, stays connected, now background noise, nobody has to yell at me to change the volume. It's hit or miss with BB's. Actually RIM has stated that they don't guarentee connection to BT headsets.
    04-24-08 03:10 PM