04-09-12 02:07 PM
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  1. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Referring to my previous post, this will not end well.

    My prediction is that this thread will be short lived.
    Since it's Passover, I recommend learning what kinahara means, which is what you gave this thread with your prediction; 4 pages, and 51 posts. There's a lot to be said about the "Evil Eye."
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    04-06-12 10:42 AM
  2. hootyhoo's Avatar
    Since it's Passover, I recommend learning what kinahara means, which is what you gave this thread with your prediction; 4 pages, and 51 posts. There's a lot to be said about the "Evil Eye."

    You're right. I missed this one completely.

    Threads like these don't usually take long to degrade into a bash fest and I have to admit that I am surprised. Pleasantly.
    04-06-12 10:51 AM
  3. ShoshiOne's Avatar
    Since it's Passover, I recommend learning what kinahara means, which is what you gave this thread with your prediction; 4 pages, and 51 posts. There's a lot to be said about the "Evil Eye."
    Bahahah! Sorry, this just gives me a laugh. Maybe it's from all the chemicals I've been around while scrubbing down the house for Pesach!

    @OP - For me, I love the easy customization of the BB, the reliability, the battery life, the menus make navigation easy, the LED so I know when (and who) has emailed me without having to turn on the screen all the time, I seem to keep phone connection longer and with more bars than people who don't have a BB (and from my own previous experiences), emails seem to reach my phone faster than others, and BBs can take a lot of beatings and drops from me and still keep going strong.

    I'm sure there's more, but those are at the top of my mind this second.

    Other phones are great and have their own strengths. I just choose a BB because it works best for me and what I want and need.
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    04-06-12 11:16 AM
  4. Pure1rish's Avatar
    I stick with Blackberry for plenty of reasons. The main reason is that I need to get things done and accomplished on my device. I like to get it done and put away, until the next task.

    It is just not that easy to do what I need to do on the other devices out there.

    The Keyboard is the main reason and started with the 9000 and lead me to the 9930.

    My line of business requires me writing an awful lot and the keyboard on my 9930 cannot be beat.

    The quick and ease of sending emails and multi tasking is perfect for me as well...

    PS....Security and peace of mind is huge for me and nobody has RIM Beat on that subject matter.
    04-06-12 12:45 PM
  5. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    wow i cant think why i originally went with BB all those years ago LOL. I know why i stay and that it becasue of the ease of the OS and the communication of it. You always have something to do with a blackberry on you
    04-06-12 01:16 PM
  6. dfb8085's Avatar
    I was drunk and now my wife won't let me spend anymore money
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    04-07-12 09:09 AM
  7. shaleem's Avatar
    Why I went with BlackBerry? Well, it all started when I went from a Motorola Razor to the Pearl 8100 a few years ago. I remember thinking that I'd never learn how to use my BlackBerry. As time went on, I became hooked on BlackBerry and soon was not able to function without one. LOL! I went from 8100 to another Pearl ...8120 I think but I could be wrong .....then to a Bold 9000, next to a Bold 9700 (by far the very best device ever made by RIM, IMHO) then to a 9780 and now, I use the 9900. I've messed around with other phones ....Samsung ....iPhone ..... but BlackBerry was the only one that did what I want it to do and what I need it to do. I don't need a thousands of apps personally. I'm not knocking iPhone or Samsung devices ...they are excellent devices and the iPhone sure is pretty .... they're just not what I need, or want.
    04-07-12 05:40 PM
  8. collyinfidel's Avatar
    i have wanted a blackberry for years but could never afford one untill they started making cheap ones i startexd with the 8250 very basic took me ages to work out how to use the bloody thing then i upgraded to the 9300 3G and im still not happy i would love a bold or a storm looking to upgrade again towards the end of the year im defo hooked on blackberrys now
    04-08-12 12:56 PM
  9. toldyoso30's Avatar
    Well I got a Blackberry 'cause:
    My closest relatives and friends are on BB messenger
    The phone fits my needs
    I've been using BB phones for several years and I like them
    I don't like full touch screens
    04-08-12 01:22 PM
  10. dfb8085's Avatar
    well lets see. My wife and I went to ATT and I was all about price but she wanted what she wanted or nothing which is about normal right. I got her the bold 9000 and i got a android cheap device. we got home and within 2 days she was whooping out emails and stuff and getting emails faster than they came on the computer. My android was all about configuring this and doing that and changing this. her bold just worked. I told her one night that when i get home from work tomorrow I'm taking this dang android back and getting me a bold too. the rest is history
    04-08-12 09:00 PM
  11. ryzack's Avatar
    For the amazing keyboard and UI, i could never type fast on a touch screen without making several mistakes

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    04-08-12 09:10 PM
  12. o4liberty's Avatar
    I started with BB and then tried Android and windows and I don't like apple. I returned for the simplicity of my bold and the no frills approach. I also carry an Android Tab so I have the best of both worlds. The BB for me is a tool not a toy I use it daily for work and family.

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    04-08-12 09:21 PM
  13. tim_w_ak's Avatar
    i got the 9800 when it first came out because the phone i had was not keeping up with the demands of work. i have not looked back, nor will i ever.
    between 50-300 sms a day to over 15-30 different people, emails, documents, etc, it handles it all and the Playbook just made it even better. when my computer crashes, the bb doesn't and the 9810 has kept info moving despite it all.
    needless to say i cannot operate without the calendar or task apps either.
    i upgraded to the 9810 this past month i like the torch that much.

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    04-08-12 09:58 PM
  14. Muttypint's Avatar
    I got all 3 and im left with the Blackberry for BBM and the iPhone for APPS
    04-08-12 10:51 PM
  15. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    Because I am worth it.
    04-09-12 01:29 AM
  16. dirtymagician82's Avatar
    I recently got my 1st BlackBerry (9790) and I love the physical keyboard, the excellent messaging integration and the fact I feel like I'm using a business tool compared to a toy makes me spend more time getting things done, I had the 1st android phone with the slide out keyboard and I loved it, then got an iphone4 but no matter how many apps and games I got I always wanted the physical keyboard back.

    To be honest I probably wouldn't have even thought of buying one but the PlayBook price drop caught my eye then I got the 9790 now the lass has an 8520 after refusing upgrades for 5 years or so. Consider us converted
    04-09-12 02:35 AM
  17. qbnkelt's Avatar
    My BB is my daily driver. I also carry either an iPhone or an Android as a secondary device in almost the same way as I change my purse.
    But I always carry my BB.
    04-09-12 03:11 AM
  18. blackberry_lover_forever's Avatar
    I bought a BlackBerry for 3 simples reasons : the email, the form factor and the keyboard. Don't misunderstand me, for the email : I'm not a CEO in charge of a fortune 500's company, just a student, but it's so convenient to never have to check your email accounts and never miss anything too. Second, the form factor. Before my actual 9900, I own two curves, 9300 and 8520, so the bold seems a big pièce for me two first weeks. Now, it feels exactly like the two previous in my hand : perfect . Finally, the keyboard. Do I really need to explain More on this point ? I'm a writer and I just can't live without a physical keyboard. In the last 6 months, I wrote/édit More than 100.000 words on my bold... Now, the Iphone Most of my friends have an Iphone and try to convince me saying that this device changed their life. But I don't need a device who change my life. Just want one who can make easier my daily task. That's it. And when I comé to argue with thèm, they don't évén listen me and tell me I'm doing hate on Apple, wich is their one and only argument. I don't love apple and its products, but I do not hate thèm for sûre, just the fact that every single I-owner wants to bring me back in the "right way". For me, a rectangular thing with a single button on the middle's bottom part, supporting an OS that seems to me like an app's display, is not a révolution. I just don't care.

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    04-09-12 04:02 AM
  19. lnichols's Avatar
    It is the most efficient, cost effective, and most reliable device for me to communicate with anywhere in the world. I communicate with my family, and people at the office (we don't have Blackberry devices issued, we use personal ones because they work) via BBM when on international travel and still get critical e-mails. My wife uses BBM to talk to friends and family back in South Africa. My oldest son sends roughly 5000 txts a month and when I asked him about an all touch, he said he'd rather have the keyboard on his Curve. Blackberry is simply the best device available that meets my, and my family's needs.
    04-09-12 08:13 AM
  20. eslam93's Avatar
    i had to either choose between an iphone 4s, or samsung s 2 which is the cheapest, and the bold 9900 and im chose the bold 9900 for one main thing which is having this smooth big keys which i ADORE.
    And im rly happy with my choice

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    04-09-12 08:27 AM
  21. Rello's Avatar
    For me, its really because I've been with BlackBerry so long that I really don't feel like getting to learn something new. Not that what's out there isn't impressive because Apple offers an amazing ecosystem, android gives you the customization, and although Windows Phone is new, I believe they have a bright future...but what I have seen hasn't been enough to pull me away.

    Sure I have felt like many others that RIM was simply to stagnant and let the competition pass them by but I will at least try out their BB10 devices before I try another platform. I want more apps and hopefully RIM can meet them needs for me with BB10. If not then I'll reevaluate the next device for me
    04-09-12 08:35 AM
  22. Ben1232's Avatar
    I bought my first Blackberry as it is more professional than the other kind of phones. The image - of course the keyboard - bbm - aesthetics,

    plus - I enjoy verbal conflicts of irrefutable users of other devices slurs.
    04-09-12 08:41 AM
  23. mad.dog99's Avatar
    1. Keyboard
    2. Keyboard
    3. Battery life
    4. Cost (9900 free on 18 month contract)
    5. I don't really care for apps or games
    6. Keyboard
    04-09-12 09:12 AM
  24. TroyPoseidon's Avatar
    I need that keyboard. Went from a 9700 - 9780 - 9900 (flirted in between a few models).

    I need the best email service and I believe thats what bb has however I need better apps as well =(

    Sent from my heart
    04-09-12 11:07 AM
  25. uniquest's Avatar
    Bla bla iToys, not professional looking, games and apps, not a business tool, no keyboard ... Give your head a shake people. Do you have no idea how foolish and ignorant these comments are?

    Do you have no clue how many incredible business, productivity, reference, education, and utilities apps there are in the App store. If you want productivity and a powerful business tool then you sure as heck better seriously consider an iPhone and/or iPad. That's the truth of the matter.

    Reading this crap here over and over day after day is making me embarrassed to own a BlackBerry product. I just picked up another 9900 not because I need the phone, rather because I'm a CEO, I handle a very high volume of emails on the go and like to switch it up between devices plus I can afford it and I enjoy messing around with tech. I've owned various flavors of the latest android offerings as well.

    From its original days the temperament on these CrackBerry forums has changed remarkably, call it an inferiority complex, the need to be defensive of and loyal to a company of which we use the products. Regardless it's not right, leave the lies, the half truths, and the mistruths out of it.

    Before you go rambling on about the iPhone is not for business only for games and useless apps take a step up from being ignorant and look at the Apple app store. Pay particular attention to the apps under the business and productivity headings. That should be enough to put your predetermined incorrect notions to test.

    Oh and for the keyboard the Blackberry is famous for and it's crucial for productivity ... then tell me why the first QNX phone is without a keyboard. And also tell me why the keyboard is so important as I just dictated this post on my iPad 3 in moments and never touched a key.

    It makes people look small, feeling they have to put down every other device on the market in order to boost your own device up. What is angering is the lies and half-truths that are told on this forum about the other devices. Just pop over to an apple or an android forum you don't read all this crap naysaying and lieing about Blackberries in every third post.

    These are just tools people, each individual has different needs and different phones suit different peoples needs. Who cares. But if you're going to comment on another manufactures device at least leave the lies and half-truths out of it.

    Now it's time for lunch ....as raise my iPhone to my ear and ask Siri "please search restaurants in Collingwood Ontario that serve all day breakfast" ...

    Then when I arrive and waiting for my breakfast Siri and I will catch up on email. But, as people have written here, Siri sucks, can't use it in public, have to have that keyboard .... Really? In a restaurant I lift the iPhone to my ear and whisper quietly into the speaker and voil ... all emails replied to. Another myth BUSTED
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    04-09-12 11:14 AM
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