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  1. Greg Dorosh's Avatar
    Recently my PB doesn't respond to the wall charger (or any charger) when I plug it in. There isn't anything wrong with the wall charger as I plug in my other PB and it works fine.
    When I plug it in, there is no charging symbol. I've tried restarting it, and using different plugs. The one thing I have noticed with this BP is that it hasn't been holding a charge nearly as long as my other one. There isn't anything other software installed other than what comes with factory as I've had issues before and have wiped out this PB not long ago.
    Any ideas?
    11-20-14 12:57 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    USB charging port on the PB are known for going bad. I have replaced a few myself.
    Get one of these.
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    11-20-14 01:03 PM
  3. Double_J75's Avatar
    My brother had the same issue. He is using a rapid charger now. The rapid charger doesn't use the USB port, it used the magnetic pins.

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    11-20-14 02:29 PM

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