06-28-12 10:09 AM
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  1. jthep's Avatar
    I completely agree with the OP. I want the QWERTY devices which will tend to have slightly smaller screens keep some sort of trackpad, it makes the smaller screens so much more precise in web browsing and when you press it can make perfect orientation to read text.

    Even if the trackpad was a software option on the screen, I'll take it! I just cannot see all bezel swipes, pinch to zoom, or fat fingers on 2.8'' to 3'' screens, it makes no sense!
    06-27-12 04:36 PM
  2. southlander's Avatar
    The reason I like the trackpad (or one reason at least) is -- I do not like placing my finger or hand over the content I am reading.

    Same reason a mouse on a pc blows away those stupid all in one touch PCs.
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    06-27-12 04:43 PM
  3. Majestic Lion's Avatar
    And casual perusal of the OP's post history will show that they are apt to be upset at just about anything RIM does; accordingly, this rabble-rousing mob mentality thread is to be paid no mind.

    Grrrrrrrrrr I'm so angry GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR
    06-27-12 04:51 PM
  4. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    People are complaining about the loss of the trackpad, when they have no clue how RIM is going to deal with text / link selection in the BB10 browser yet. You can't compare the experience on the Bold 9900 here!
    I don't think people are comparing the Bold 9900 experience, I think most people are comparing the PlayBook experience which runs off the same base OS that BB10 will.
    06-27-12 06:50 PM
  5. southlander's Avatar
    People are complaining about the loss of the trackpad, when they have no clue how RIM is going to deal with text / link selection in the BB10 browser yet. You can't compare the experience on the Bold 9900 here!
    If RIM can emulate the trackpad using the physical keyboard on the Bold-like form factor that would be great. Otherwise it requires touching the screen; which is something I (at times) prefer not to do on a smaller screened device. I do not see a way around that.

    Not a show stopper for me, just preference.
    06-27-12 07:04 PM
  6. omi10468's Avatar
    I am going to put my faith in RIM for now in hopes that they pull this off. They did such an amazing job n the 9900 (my opinion), lets just see what happens. No need to start loosing it this far ahead of the release.
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    06-27-12 07:30 PM
  7. gregorylkelly's Avatar
    I also find the trackpad very important. I guess I may have to Bridge my 9810 to by BB10 phone. So I will be able to use the remote on my 9810 to control my BB10 phone to control my Playbook.
    That's actually a pretty interesting concept you bring up that begs the question of whether you will be able to bridge a BB7 phone to a BB10 phone....

    Personally I doubt it. I'm pretty sure bridge on the BB10 phones will act like bridge on current BB phones. Right now you can't connect a BB phone to another BB phone using bridge, understandably so (what the would be the point?). And, considering the bridge on BB10 phones will be there for the same purpose as bridge on current phones (to connect to a PlayBook, etc....) I don't see them changing anything about connectivity.
    06-27-12 08:31 PM
  8. Chinookman's Avatar
    I don't know about the rest of you, but trying to use some drop-down menus on the playbook is damn near impossible. Gotta hold the tab which opens the drop-down menu, but when you remove your finger to select the desired option, the drop-down menu disappears. But, with bridge, you can use the cursor to open a drop-down menu and click the option you want.

    Precision is needed.

    Trackpads help.
    I kept reading until someone hit my point so it saved a double post! Ha... The PB would benefit from a track pad. Wife's samsung SR w/o track pad drives me nuts. Is it a biggie...ah yeah. I work with a ancient database that lacks basic windows mouse functions. So having to use keystroke and mouse moves while working with average of about a thousand numbers building logic over a 10 - 12 hour day makes a BIG difference to me. So having to make more needless moves on a phone will only add to needless aggravation. If RIMM loses the pad then it is just another android slab. Then may as well move on. But until the final products are released this year then it will be a wait and see
    06-27-12 09:29 PM
  9. FF22's Avatar
    If Crackberry didn't have a profanity filter, I would explode right now at your stupidity. The Playbook has a 7 inch screen and a browser that renders websites natively at proper resolutions because it has a 7 inch screen. On a < 3 inch screen the website is SHRUNK and displays EXTREMELY SMALL where EVERYTHING such as buttons appear EXTREMELY SMALL and are mushed up together where if you try to use a fat finger, you end up clicking both buttons. Which is why the trackpad is needed to fix this issue which is caused by hardware (a 2-3 inch screen).

    I advise you to stop talking.
    I would not even admit that. On my pb, when I want to hit the "3" for the third page of a thread, I have to pinch/zoom since the "3" is too damn tiny to hit with a finger tip. Extra step and unnecessary if there were a way to more precisely place the cursor. On an even smaller screen it would be impossible. But I'm late to this discussion or did not read the blog that mentioned the loss of the trackpad. As is many pb owners would like cursor keys to move the cursor around in editing. How it will be accomplished in a tiny screen - frustration. OS does not overcome physical limitations of the small size. Again, on the pb, I can gesture till the cows come home and still not get those editing tabbies where I want them. And that's on a 7 inch device.

    Oh, well.
    06-28-12 01:04 AM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    1) Moving parts are prone to wear, the track pad is a moving part that can wear out after so many clicks; the track ball was worse I wore out five of those over the years.

    2) The main reason is screen real estate; the button bar where the track pad was takes up room that could be used for more touch display.
    I think my patience will wear out first in trying to place the cursor or click on a link then will the trackpad.
    06-28-12 01:11 AM
  11. ike1973's Avatar
    Personally I'm hoping they make the screen big enough on the keyboard phone that the loss of the trackpad won't be a huge issue. The only thing I want to see on the front of the phone other than the screen is the keyboard. Anything else is just taking up screen space.
    06-28-12 10:09 AM
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