1. Money007's Avatar
    i put 1 song on my blackberry and tried to put one more on it and it says not enough room:O, is it possible for me to assign more space towards a certain section in my blackberry some how, so i can fit more songs on it:S?

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    02-28-09 03:53 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    1. Do some searching on the site about saving/creating memory, and memory cleaning
    2. Get yourself a memory card and use that to save stuff like ringtones, songs, pictures, et cetera
    3. Also look at your song file format. Is it 320 kps? (regardless of the size you should be using a memory card anyway)
    02-28-09 03:55 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    Also, make sure you are closing out your applications properly by pressing Menu, Exit/Close. Do not just back out of the application by pressing the Back key or the End Call button, doing this can leave applications running in your memory.

    Hold down the Alt key and press the Back key. If there are more than the 5 applications that are always supposed to be running (messages, Home, BB messenger, Phone, BB Browser) then you haven't closed something properly.
    02-28-09 04:53 PM