1. openyoureyes's Avatar
    Lately I have heard of people "shrinking" their OS with some program. I have read up on it and it appears that all it is is just removing some stock apps from the installer. Just curious what is the point of that if you can just uncheck the apps during the install process?

    Or does it do something else I am not aware of?
    01-03-11 01:03 AM
  2. Fret Madden's Avatar
    It does. AppLoader only sees the COD files that it needs to load. Shrinking with Shrink-A-OS allows you to remove additional items, like default videos/ringtones/wallpaper. Also removes the vendor.xml file so you can run an OS from another carrier. I can do in 3 clicks what someone without Shrink-A-OS would spend some time doing in different windows.

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    01-03-11 03:11 AM