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    Why is Priority Hub Randomly adding priority to emails, texts and voice mails?

    I have never ever assigned priority to anything. I have never assigned priority to a contact. And I have never assigned priority to a text message. Past messages sent to me were not sent with priority. (i understand how priorities work)

    What I have done is: added a flag to specific emails from bestbuy. I have also added a flag to one voice mail. That's it. Only flags. And only specific emails. I never added priority. I have been very conscious to not add priority just so I can say "i have never assigned priority to anything".

    - My Priority Hub settings are and have always been:
    - Priority Hub ON
    - Sender has same last name OFF
    - Message sent with high importance OFF
    - I started the convo OFF
    - No other rule; none; nada; never created a rule...ever

    None of the settings above were ever turned on. Why? because I wanted to prove that this is a strange issue that is unacceptable, and I can not find any explanation for anywhere.

    Despite all the above:

    I went in to Priority Hub last night and only saw the emails I had flagged. It's been that way since wiping and reinstalling OS a month ago, which is good, and is working to show just the ones I flagged. Then this morning..... I go in to Priority Hub to look at one of the flagged emails and I find (to my complete horror): four text messages/conversations set to high priority from contacts that are not high priority, 25 emails from varied senders sent to me over three weeks ago and read and never had a flag set or a priority set all of a sudden have priority set to high. Why? Why would priority hub reach back in to the past to messages that never had priority or a flag?

    Every single OS version on my Passport has had the above problem. Why? I have wiped it clean before installing and still the problem eventually comes back. Why?

    Right now on OS

    Can someone please provide an explanation or what Blackberry is doing about this? Please? I've tested, retested, reloaded, rewiped, retested, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted, etc.... This issue all of sudden happens no matter what.

    Why? For god sake.....why? (whimper)

    Any ideas?

    10-10-15 04:31 AM
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    I am on on a Passport, I did not pay attention to the Priority Hub until recently and also noticed it is wonky.

    First of all the options screen has no toggles for the default rules. I can add manual rules and it seems to work by flagging the correct messages for while but then the next day these priority messages are no longer a priority. It keeps some older messages from Sep 22 flagged for some reason.

    I think that was around the time of the last update. Don't know if it's the last OS update or the fact I am on BES10 with a workspace, a security policy in BES or a combination.

    Here is a snapshot of the empty priority hub options screen.

    Why is Priority Hub Randomly adding priority to emails, texts and voice mails?-img_20151009_013628.png

    Posted via CB10
    10-10-15 10:09 AM

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