01-24-12 09:12 AM
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    The smaller carriers in the US often have mediocre coverage, at best. When my brother had Ghettro Metro PCS, they would lose all coverage when outside the greater Bay Area. What good is savings if the phone is useless?

    It's also a lot easier if you're just a single line. I've got 4 BBs and a Home VOIP line with T-Mo. One BB has BES, the rest don't have any data. 700 shared minutes, unlimited texting for all. Jumping companies to chase a quick savings would be a big hassle, not to mention the fact that no other US carrier would allow me this flexibility.
    01-23-12 06:19 PM
  2. robsteve's Avatar
    yeah i got my voice plan at 15 and unlimited BBM and email at an additional 10 so 25, and after tax its like 30?
    You're not going to find any plans cheaper than that, especially with email. In that case you are better off buying your phone as long as you are not spending more on airtime than your plan provides.
    01-23-12 06:23 PM
  3. T
    I weighed it out, and as others have said, there was no advantage to not signing the contract. I was on a contract that ended, and I got my 9650 for $80 when I renewed it. I also got a $70 (per line) contract renewal incentive from Sprint. So, if you do the math, the Bold cost me $10. I was going to keep paying Sprint the monthly fee anyway even off-contract (I love my plan) so why not sign on and get the phone for short money?

    I had considered the "unlocked" route, and concluded (as others have stated) that there was no advatage to it in the US. My carrier (who I'm happy with) is a CDMA (no SIM) carrier. The other big CDMA carrier is Verizon. The two major GSM (SIM) carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile) each operate on different radio frequencies. Therefore it's unlikely that any one "unlocked" phone will perform equally well on both of those carriers. Even if it did, there aren't too many good no-contract plans, and even if there were, the aforementioned CDMA and/or GSM frequency reasons would make regular switching impractical.

    My CDMA Bold has a SIM card slot which is provided mainly for international travel. The user can put a local SIM in when he's traveling in the primarily GSM world. I have a prepaid T-Mobile SIM in mine because a loved one in the Balkans doesn't receive texts sent from my Sprint phone on her "VIP" carrier phone. Sprint is sending them and charging me, but VIP is not passing them along to her. When I text her other (T-Mobile) phone from my Sprint line, she does receive them. But she only receives them on the VIP phone when I use the T-Mobile SIM. Other than for that reason, I don't need the T-Mobile SIM.

    There's one other reason. If I really want out of the contract, it's no big deal. Just pay a couple hundred bucks (or less). But it's unlikely I'll need to. I haven't changed carriers in a decade. Seems like people in other parts of the world are changing carriers every week.
    01-23-12 06:42 PM
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    I never sign contracts. The problem is that in Canada, if you are going to get a smartphone on contract, the carriers automatically make you pay 60 dollars+ in fees. This might not be the case in other countries where the monthy fees are less high.
    01-23-12 06:51 PM
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    i guess it all comes down to where you are (US or canada) and how much data you use. for light users i feel buying your own phone will be better while heavy user going with contract might be more beneficial
    01-23-12 07:06 PM
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    I don't see how I'm getting ripped off paying 80 bucks a month for unlimited everything. I don't even have internet anymore because I have my BB.

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    01-23-12 07:24 PM
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    In the United States at least, there is really no advantage of buying a brand new phone unlocked. The plan still costs the same whether you sign a 2yr agreement or you bring your own phone and go month-to-month.

    So if you bought a Bold 9900 for $400 off contract, and signed up with AT&T, you'd pay the normal price each month for your plan, but now you're out of $400 right off the top; vs paying say $200 for the 9900, and paying the same amount each month for the plan. Makes no sense to do so. In fact, in some cases it's better to be in a contract because you can be grandfathered into special perks if a carrier switches their plan structure. If you're month to month, you have to deal with the changes or leave.
    True, but in 30, 50, 90 days if your service turns to crap, you can tell your carrier to pound sand and go else where. Without paying ECF.
    01-23-12 07:26 PM
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    My question is what do you do when your unlocked bb bricks? Do you get a certified replacement like I did over nighted for free?

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    01-23-12 07:38 PM
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    I have the cheapest/lowest plan I can possibly get and I still have unlimited data grandfathered in. Seeing as the plan is pretty perfect for how i use my phone, I don't seethe point in buying a new smartphone from eBay and paying full retail price for it when I would be keeping the plan/service I have now. So why not get a phone on contract for $150 or $200 instead of $400, $600, or more? It's not like I will be leaving my carrier on the near future. And if I do, the cost to buy out of contract is prorated.

    Plus, I like getting a new phone every couple of years or so. But not if I had to spend approx. $600 on the one I wanted.

    Plus, my current carrier lets me upgrade every 18 months, but I've kept my current phone and didn't bother upgrading last time it came up. But it's good to know I can now upgrade whenever I wanted.

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    i mean for unlocked phones u can choose cheaper carriers instead of the three big expensive ones. for me i only do $25 a month, while if i am on plan, i would have to do 50 a month (my friend is on that) and he gets the same services i do

    You are greatly over simplifying it,

    Fido, Wind, all the small low cost Carriers don't offer the coverage maps of the big carriers.

    I pay just shy of $100 per month regardless of contract or not, I use Approximately 2000 long distance business hour minutes. 200-300MB of data, and occasionally 1-2GB of Tethered data

    I buy a new contract phone every 3 years, and off contract phones between them upgrading my phone every 10-14 months.
    01-23-12 08:44 PM
  11. T
    True, but in 30, 50, 90 days if your service turns to crap, you can tell your carrier to pound sand and go else where. Without paying ECF.
    That's just it. I don't know where you are, but where I am, nobody's service turns to crap. With the four major carriers, service is generally world class. Sure people will argue my carrier is better than yours, but that's kind of like arguing my Ford F-250 is better than your Chevy Silverado 2500 (or vice versa).
    01-23-12 08:44 PM
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    contracts are better because not all have $600-$700 up front for an unlocked smartphone.for some folks,that $600-$700 could be their life savings(not sarcastic).if you want an new iphone off contract the price could equal $749.99.and thats just ouch.there is a reason why companies like rim reach out to third world countries.their cheap models fair and sell well in that market because folks are living in impoverished conditions.its amazing how some people in world powers carry 3 smartphones.they must be filthy rich.
    01-24-12 12:58 AM
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    yeah i got my voice plan at 15 and unlimited BBM and email at an additional 10 so 25, and after tax its like 30?
    Do you have a URL for this plan on Fido? My son has my old 9800 and he doesn't make a lot of calls, just texts and BBM, but he also has his email on the phone. We are currently with Rogers and they do not have a plan for email without also getting a data plan.
    01-24-12 09:12 AM
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