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    The post was not nasty, didn't use fowl language, etc. It received the usual BB 'Fanboy' responses, anyone who leaves RIM must have rocks in their head. I don't understand, has it come down to being censored for expressing disgust with RIM, their phones, and their business practices.

    At the end of the day, RIM is hanging on, and I with them, in the hopes that they update their OS, etc. to the level of competing products. BBM just isn't a compelling reason to stick with them, considering one has SMS, Twitter, email, and vm. The PB is dead, and with the release of the Kindle Fire at $199 will be 'deader'. Oh, OS2 now backed up till February at best, so what might we expect for a delivery date for QNX for RIM phones....6 months, 10 months, a year?

    I clearly understand loyalty, but RIM is so far behind the other vendors in sales, apps, updates, and God knows how many great apps there are from banks, credit card companies, etc. that aren't even ported to BB any longer. Very frustrating.

    If this gets removed a reason for it would be very much appreiated.
    10-28-11 08:53 AM
  2. ChibiBlackSheep's Avatar
    10-28-11 09:00 AM
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    Probably because there's already a similar read called, "The real reason I left BlackBerry."
    10-28-11 09:02 AM
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    Same reason this one will (hopefully) get closed.

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    10-28-11 09:03 AM
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    No too mention the million other threads with the same topic. And what's your reason for posting something like this? It's just to ignite more argument ans servers no purpose.
    10-28-11 09:05 AM
  6. Chrisy's Avatar
    10-28-11 09:05 AM
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    Well to answer your question:Why Was 'No Reason to Own a BB' Closed?

    This is CrackBerry.com, for BlackBerry USERS AND ABUSERS. If you don't have a reason to own a BB, you don't have a reason to USE and/or ABUSE one. So there is no need to start a discussion like that for the rest of us users and abusers. Do you comprehend?

    10-28-11 09:06 AM
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    There are actually a lot of good reasons to own a BlackBerry. I'm actually switching back to BB from Android soon.
    10-28-11 09:08 AM
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    Sorry but no need for these types of threads. It's up to the moderators if a thread needs to be closed and unfortunately isn't open to discussion.
    10-28-11 09:08 AM