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    Firstly.... crackberry, its good to post on here, but the password you get sent when your registering to signup initially is a pain in the but to remember hence my post!

    Anyways, ive been wanting to post for a while, after lurking this forum for a while, and try to bring out some good points on why i went back to blackberry.

    Firstly a bit of history... i am 26, my first phone was a nokia, followed up by many other flip phones, until i got an iphone, after dropping my iphone many times breaking the glass twice and getting it replaced once, i finally just didnt want to use it anymore and started using my dads old bold, it was a weird adjustment..... getting used to having a battery life longer then expected but in a lot of ways not having the functionality i was used too... but time went on and after a year with no problems came a time for me to renew my cell contract, after looking over what phones i could get and them telling me i had 2gigs of data i didnt see the point of using my old blackberry because of the phone only being edge for one, and secondly how would i ever use 2 gigs of data on a blackberry???

    Well i went to android, got a lg optimus 3d.. dual core, dual channel fsb, dual channel memory, 3d camera, 3d video... everything you could technically ever want in a phone....... or was it?

    much like my iphone i always had to keep it constantly tethered to a charging cord.. wow is this a personal desktop tablet computer or a cellphone?

    i used my lg phone for several months and then i get the news.....

    PLAYBOOK on sale $200.

    i jump on it, i dont even flintch, i pick one up after work that thursday night and go back the next day for my price quarantee, one word came over me... WOW, this thing is awesome love it in everyway.

    so i get thinking.. man i really want bridge...... so i do some snopping briefly on kijiji seeing if someone will trade me for a torch... 1 hit thats it! i go to the mall, i buy a curve 3g and then unlock..

    what can i say os6 is actually really useful, the phone came set with the screen brightness on 100% and still lasted two full days without limited usage..., i get bbming again love it, blackberry music this is pretty sweet. this phone is super light, i like that... i dont need an otter box to protect my phone that makes the device 3 times as thick, this works for me.

    i think im with blackberry for good now!


    the unbiased user who has tried the best of both (all ) worlds.
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    quick post of the reasons i like my bb

    email being push not pull

    led indication for emails and messages

    the track pad

    the keyboard, physical keys 4 ever

    the quick buttons on the sides of the phone

    easy media buttons on top of the phone

    the best battery live

    the best antenna, full bars, even where i live out in the country,

    black berry messaging

    normal texting with my physical keyboard

    the phone call button and the end call button

    quick access to the options of an app via the blackberry button

    the size!

    blackberry bridge

    bedside mode and the alarm function a must have!

    knowing my phone is unlocked and that i can use it anywhere in the world!
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    led indication for emails and messages
    Download BeBuzz, and unleash the heck out of that LED.
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    Download BeBuzz, and unleash the heck out of that LED.
    Agreed. BeBuzz is a Godsend!
    12-29-11 05:42 PM
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    Nice writeup, and hard to disagree with the truth. Another truth is....I use what works for me, and I don't need a new distraction every 3 months on a mobile device. I've gotten plenty of use out of 3 BlackBerrys, and anticipate lassoing #4 here soon. I understand some get an itch and just have to scratch it, and to each his/her own.
    12-29-11 09:26 PM
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    yea, rim and blackberry are the best. i have to love a device that does just what i want when i need it.
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    12-30-11 10:46 AM
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    Download BeBuzz, and unleash the heck out of that LED.
    lol. I have fond memories of when I had my last Blackberry, setting the LED light with BeBuzz to the disco lights. We'd be on the bus back at night from an away soccer game and scare the kids when flashign, dancing lights suddenly come out of nowhere.
    12-30-11 02:50 PM
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    Very nice posts. BlackBerry has made me happy to. And I was the same as you. I had iphone and android. Now I'm with BlackBerry and couldn't be happier. Android and iPhone just are not my thing.

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    12-30-11 03:11 PM