01-26-12 09:59 PM
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  1. kilted thrower's Avatar
    Why would they rename it?

    On my Android, it's called Browser. If I rechange the name, it's renamed as web or net.

    I've seen 3 main versions of going to the web on a primary basis. IE, browser, and Safari. I've only seen Safari a few times because I really don't see that many Macs compared to non-Macs.

    I don't pay attention to iPhones much but I recognize their internet icon and think internet explorer or browser.

    I tend to think of getting on the net most of the time in my head or when I'm telling someone to "get on the net and check out ..." So whether it's Opera or Safari or Firefox, etc...I'll still say get on the net and... I don't say, "hey, open up Opera and..."

    I think Safari sounds stupid. And I can't imagine RIM changing browser to much of a different name without it sounding stupid or thinking "who cares"

    I mean, is anyone really going to be thrilled at a commerical that says, "Hey! Check out the new Blackbird web browser!" And most of hte population isn't going to care either.
    01-25-12 09:57 PM
  2. alunkkk's Avatar
    Never named the Browser !
    Millions of BB users already familiar with it.
    Just be ORIGINAL.
    01-25-12 10:26 PM
  3. Vurhan's Avatar
    Thorsch Browser?

    Probably Ten Browser for OS10.
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    01-26-12 01:13 AM
  4. Xandrex_BSCF's Avatar
    I think that RIM should try to acquire Opera - fast, and secure... plus it will be the name of the browser.
    From Opera Software's perspective, I do not see why they should bother being bought by RIM. They currently offer Opera Unite, are ahead of competition (including Chrome, Firefox and Safari all together), and deliver great features like a one-click FTP server integrated in the browser (yes, FTP server).

    From RIM's perspective, the browser is not about features so I do not see any advantage to use Opera rather than the webkit core. Besides, every time you use the Opera browser, all the data goes through the Opera servers (they cache & proxy & reformat all webpages) which is not where RIM is heading at all all (if you look at the NOC technology, it is currently quite challenged as well as the centralized BIS communication).

    RIM should also try to acquire Polar Mobile, or Endloop to solve their app problems... it would probably better better for apps to be directly created from RIM for BB's.
    Make it a division.
    There is already a long-time partnership between Polar Mobile and RIM : go to press.rim. com /partner/release.jsp?id=4561

    about EndLoop, they do not see RIM as having a bright future, check their blog : endloop.ca /todays-globe-mail

    From a general perspective, RIM does not wish to become an application provider. They do it when they can provide a lot of added value (Traffic, Protect, Travel) but not games or productivity applications.
    01-26-12 09:24 AM
  5. Searzy's Avatar
    Internet browing is an important feature in the handsets, and tablets, so it would make sense to try to offer a FULL desktop experience.

    Yes, Opera uses their own server tech for compression to make the browser faster, but that - using servers.. specific servers is RIM's "thing". Acquiring the Opera brower, tech and servers and integrating with the BIS/BES would be very beneficial for many types of customers.

    No, Im not saying RIM should become an App company, but as mentioned their own contribution to apps make them better. RIM can use an acquired App division to make more of the "main" apps the best possible experience.

    Yes, I know that Polar Mobile is still going to offer BBApps, and Endloop is not - i'm living in TDot, so anything RIM related is always reported.

    Having a specific browser name has marketing advantages, which is something RIM needs to,.. desperately needs to improve.
    I read in an earlier post the opinions regarding the "over-branding" that RIM is imploring (like fusion, balance, liquid graphics)...

    The problem is that the Marketing tactics being used - is CRAP!!

    Example: the Apple logo is seen A LOT EVERYWHERE, which is what The Berry should be like too.

    Todays paper mentions that RIM is looking to hire a new Head of Marketing... personally, id hire an Entire new Mktg Dept!
    01-26-12 09:59 PM
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