07-20-08 10:08 PM
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  1. Incogkneetoe's Avatar
    I have one out of need. I'd love to have a slim stylish fashion phone, but I run 2 fitness companies (1 gym and 1 consulting company) and Email and on the go calendaring are needed. I also keep detailed notes on contacts as well. I've had every smartphone platform available and I chose blackberry for it's simple menu system and unflinching OS reliability and Hardware build quality. I've been using a BB now sinch the 6 series with mnochrome screens.
    07-20-08 05:43 PM
  2. ballinsol14's Avatar
    I have a blackberry because, honestly, I like to have nice things, and I like to be on top of the technological side of the world. I've got a nice lap-top, digital camera and blackberry (phone, lap-top and camera in one).
    07-20-08 05:48 PM
  3. iCandi's Avatar
    i got one cuz i can keep in contact with everyone at all times

    email IM BBM text whatever you want to call it

    and i can put my programs on it too
    07-20-08 05:48 PM
  4. bmcclure937's Avatar
    The question should be : Why not have a BlackBerry? lol
    07-20-08 05:50 PM
  5. WackBerry's Avatar
    Most of the reason I got mine so I could be in contact with the people I work with and not have to pay for it-they use a different carrier-so I was able to drop my minutes a substantial amount
    Otherwise, I wanted to be able to access the internet when I couldnt otherwise and be able to check my personal email when I couldnt bc of not being near a computer. I am also horrible with remembering where I need to be, when I need to be there, so it helps me keep important dates---birthdays included ;-)

    My friends and I went out last night for my birthday and we lost the address of the place we were going-i pulled out my phone-googled the place and voila-got the address.....this was something I didnt even consider when I got the phone.
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    07-20-08 05:52 PM
  6. theprep's Avatar
    Organization to hv multiple ways to stay in contact w ppl. I normally put due dates for school assignments in the calendar. And I just like technology and style.

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    07-20-08 05:55 PM
  7. DravenX's Avatar
    I told the wife I need it to put my appointments on it to help me remember them. Which is true but I just wanted a BB.

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    07-20-08 06:14 PM
  8. gdasilva16's Avatar
    my life would not be right without my BB.
    07-20-08 06:14 PM
  9. WackBerry's Avatar
    my life would not be right without my BB.
    LOL this is how I feel now that I have it!
    I have no clue what I would do without it
    07-20-08 06:19 PM
  10. SimeonAS89's Avatar
    Originally I got it because I wanted a Full QWERTY keyobard. I saw the pearl and realized I didn't want it because I got the same price for both the Pearl 2 and the Curve, so I went with the Curve.

    It also helps me manage my life. When I was working it would help me remember which days I worked. I use it for important events such as birthdays, I'm going into the military so when I'm not able to be near a computer my GF/Fiance will still have a way to write me and be in contact with me.

    Also some neat like mentioned above, I use it to look up directions quite a bit. There's always an app to fit my needs, Its overall the best phone I've ever owned personally.

    Yeah I can say I'm addicted
    Once You Go Crack, You NEVER Go Back

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    07-20-08 06:30 PM
  11. jenaywins's Avatar
    Uh. Why wouldn't anyone have a berry!

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    07-20-08 06:37 PM
  12. csiguy1's Avatar
    It just works, and works, and works. You get the picture!
    07-20-08 06:38 PM
  13. teal's Avatar
    Initial purchase was a business decision but now wouldn't be w/o the BB even if retired.

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    07-20-08 06:41 PM
  14. .m.e.'s Avatar
    in a word .. cause its the best ..
    07-20-08 06:56 PM
  15. Jeanetteh1960's Avatar
    I got a BB for work -email & appointments. Now I don't know how I got along without it. It is so much more than a phone. I can have everything in one place - calendar for everything work & personal -contacts -email - the internet - its great
    07-20-08 06:57 PM
  16. ok4a56's Avatar
    I got it because I needed a better way to keep track of my appointments, and stuff at work. In addition, I have three kids and all their reports are now done via PowerPoint, so I have little time on the home computer. My BB has made my work and personal life so much better.
    07-20-08 07:04 PM
  17. tjlikes's Avatar
    Because I can! Who wouldn't want to have such a diversified communication device?

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    07-20-08 07:38 PM
  18. robree's Avatar
    utility + stability!!
    that about sums it up.

    for starters.. multiple email accounts, jive talk im, sms and mms messaging, pin messaging, phone, internet, calendars.......


    i could go on and on.

    but STABILITY is my key reason.
    07-20-08 07:56 PM
  19. Lloyd_Humph's Avatar
    For biz, mainly.

    I run a graphic and web design company and if people want something done fast (you would be surprised how many people need "super quick" work doing. It's also worth a "super big" premium so it was worth it. My Treo never seemed to want to work with me, more against me, so I figured I'd go BB before I went to T9+HP 211

    Still, I love full QWERTY (because I can type like a demon on them) and also I'm a fan of the trackball. I've had it a few days yet with the ease of use, I can quickly fly through everything without even looking at the thing! It's really intuative and cool, so to be honest I bought it because it works with me. Not against me.
    07-20-08 08:01 PM
  20. sgocka's Avatar
    Well the easy reason is because I'm a geek. But i've had pda's and or smartphones since highschool. Going back to the handspring. Now I have become so reliant on having mobile email and web that I no longer "want" a blackberry its has become a genuine need for one. Getting rid of my Blackberry would be like getting rid of my truck......could i do it? yeah but I sure wouldn't know what to do with myself
    07-20-08 08:10 PM
  21. jidx's Avatar
    Work and personal, there is no better phone
    07-20-08 08:13 PM
  22. John Yester's Avatar
    Work and personal, there is no better phone
    Couldn't have said it any better.
    07-20-08 08:14 PM
  23. arcin220's Avatar
    Because I like being able to only input information once. I use to have a PDA but found I would still have to do things twice. It's all about efficiency for me. Plus I'm a full-time student and it keeps me organized.

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    07-20-08 08:18 PM
  24. nmaguire001's Avatar
    need to get to my email and assorted accounts with security
    07-20-08 08:23 PM
  25. detman101's Avatar
    Cause with a wife and kid I barely get to turn on my $2500 custom gaming rig before I'm interrupted by something. My berry is the only way I can check my email or watch youtube or do anything on the internet without interruption.

    Thank god for these things, my bathroom time is now complete.


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    07-20-08 08:32 PM
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