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    first of all im not saying im against blackberry devices or something like that i just wondered if anyone else has thought about this and would like to discuss it?

    iv just been thinking and iv noticed that on my old sony ericsson k800i (a very old phone) but it had lots of things built in that made it perfect and all worked fine, it never needed restarting and just everything worked fine and it had tons of native programmes that every phone users needs, also the battery would last for around 3 days and it would never freeze or anything, but since iv had a blackberry i find myself constantly looking for apps to improve my phone to the standard of a phone that someone would be pleased with, surely if blackberrys are so smart the things im looking for should just be built in? like a simple power saving programme? or a "add contact" option after an new number calls you...? maybe even an option to send messages to "all" option rather than having to add contacts 1 by 1 into a "group"

    did rim just make blackberry devices as simple as possible and make them missing out most common or simple things to earn more money for developers on the app world or what?

    i mean cmon the so called "smart phone" doesn't even have a scientific calculator!?

    the only thing im pleased with one my phone is bbm, the led indicator, the qwerty keyboard and id say that it...

    P.S you may reply saying there for buisness use and emails for companies but if that so true why are rim trying to release new OS systems and apps to make the phone more fun, also you may say its an internet phone but my sony ericsson from years ago has just as fast inernet on that

    09-11-10 07:02 AM
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    Is this a joke?
    09-11-10 08:44 AM
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    Hmmmm..... I didn't want a touchscreen, or anything flashy, I just wanted a solid device, so I got my bold 9700. It's been there for me.

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    09-11-10 09:23 AM
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    Is this a joke?
    I think so, since he started two threads with the same subject & message, entered 3 minutes apart. Now, I'm beginning to regret actually addressing his issues in the other thread. Althhough, maybe our comments will help someone who's actually looking for help.

    09-11-10 09:30 AM