05-20-13 09:38 PM
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  1. MrJiver's Avatar
    I've been a BlackBerry person for a while, my Dad has as well. My first BlackBerry was the trusty old 8350i, I then moved on to the 8900, followed by the 8520, then the 9300, then a 9700 (which only lasted me a month because of its faulty screen) and now my Torch 9800. I love RIM, despite the ups and downs I've had with them. I plan to get the Q10 soon (I also have a Nokia Lumia 800) after having my Torch for a tremendous amount of time (the only BlackBerry I've had that I didn't have to repair or replace once) and I definitely think despite the lack of OS 7 its an amazing device. My friends all ditched their BlackBerrys as soon as news of the iPhone 5 and HTC One leaked out but not me, I've stuck to BlackBerry. If there's any other serious RIM fans out there please stand up and share some of their reasons to staying with BlackBerry?
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    05-16-13 03:45 PM
  2. Chaddface's Avatar
    After spending a few hours with the HTC One I have decided to stick with my 9900 for now. I use email, sms and bbm all day. That's what need the phone to do well. There are few apps and no games on my 9900.

    Those giant Samsung phones and the HTC, with seemingly endless possibilities are probably a good fit for some. Not me.
    05-16-13 04:22 PM
  3. Saiga's Avatar
    I've stuck with RIM/BlackBerry simply because I keep getting their products for free. The last BlackBerry I actually purchased was the 9650. Since then, I've had a 9330,9370,9850, 9900, a few PlayBooks, Dev Alpha A and C, a LEZ10, a launch event Z10, would have also had a Z10 from BlackBerry Live if I had went to FL. No reason for me to leave BlackBerry.

    I'm still waiting to see if I'll get a Q10 for free though. If not, I might buy one just so I can put the DAC up somewhere safe.

    Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10
    05-16-13 04:22 PM
  4. Balti43's Avatar
    My first BlackBerry I bought was a 9700 back in 2010 since then I have used a few Iphone and an android devices and no other platform or phone has provided me with the reliability and user friendly UI. Even with the bugs its still a better platform and community to be a part of

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    05-16-13 04:47 PM
  5. Greg Aniol's Avatar
    I am novice comparing with you!. Just second BB phone 9900>Z10. In Fact using both of them for now. Plus PlayBook for over a year. Why - good product, do whatever I need. All devices have kind of common good factor - quality, not too flashy. Somehow fresh despite years flying. That's matter of taste but work for me. Recently convinced my wife to get Z10 for Her; along with my daughter - all family with BBrys + 2 PlayBooks. I like nonconformism, a bit against popular trends. Well, on the end of the day market is full of products; I have chosen this one and I am more than happy with!
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    05-16-13 04:55 PM
  6. rhimself's Avatar
    I've stuck with them because I feel as if BlackBerry users are unique. We don't NEED apps. We don't NEED what's hot right now. All we need is the phone itself. Besides I like knowing I don't hop on the bandwagon of what's "Hot" at the moment.

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    05-16-13 04:59 PM
  7. eddy_berry's Avatar
    It wasn't a legacy OS device that got me started with BB. I am a relative newcomer here. I came from Samsung feature phones. I never really wanted a smartphone as they offered a lot but I also did a lot on my numerous laptops and desktops so at the time I did not care. I used to show people, family mostly, how to use their BlackBerries back to OS5, iPhones, and a few Androids. Helped a lot of people figure out the complexities of modern smartphones and learned a lot along the way. I even repaired BB's myself. But I never owned one. I'm a cheapo kind of guy I guess. But one day I won a door prize at a party. A 16GB PlayBook running PBOS 1.0. How fun was that, huh? NOT. But still, it captured me right away. Not because it was perfect. Far from it. I saw the potential though. I realized what RIM had messed up on was execution but they had an amazing device that had potential. So I kept it to wait for 2.0. After that I was hooked and decided to wait for my contract to expire to get a BlackBerry phone so I can enjoy the Bridge functionality (and finally embrace mobile computing). Then my Samsung pooched. Just stopped working. It was old and tired anyway. I begged Bell for an early upgrade (they were jerks about it) but in the end I got a curve 9360 and began a connection with the few people I know who still had BBM. I waited for an opportunity to buy a 9900 used and now I'm happy. Glad I didn't just wait for BB10 since Bridge with OS7 is my bread and butter to this day and being the only adult without a decent smartphone was getting kind of embarrassing. In the past year I cleared out all my laptops. I still have my old Dell since it was my favourite. But it collects dust. The only computers I use now are my PlayBook and Desktop (PB still doesn't feed all my computing needs). I still see the potential in this company (and QNX) and I will continue to follow their progress.
    05-16-13 06:05 PM
  8. eddy_berry's Avatar

    Just uploaded by QNX on Youtube
    05-16-13 06:06 PM
  9. Dorita0415's Avatar
    well, in this order : 8100, 8900, 9000,9700 , 9800, 9810, PlayBook and my last acquisition .....Z10..
    and I'm still loyal to RIM

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    05-16-13 06:15 PM
  10. unknowngeek's Avatar
    For me, its a mix of excellent build quality and how productive I am with my BlackBerry. I went from an 8330 > 9630 > 9670 > 9650 > 9350, getting the phones of family and friends whenever they upgraded. These things went through Hell with me, and all but one still work. My favorite story is about how my 9630 got stuck under a lay-z-boy recliner's wooden stand, got about 300lbs put on it, and still managed to work flawlessly after I found it. Even Nokia can't beat that type of strength!
    05-16-13 06:27 PM
  11. Gotuwan's Avatar
    For me, It first started as an official phone back in 2003. Got so used to the keypad and just never bothered to switch platforms. I do a lot of international business especially in Africa and nearly everyone has a blackberry which makes it easy to communicate using BBM since the cell networks are hardly reliable. I have owned all models since 2003 except the Z10. I love my 9900.

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    05-16-13 06:46 PM
  12. Bobert_123's Avatar
    My first smartphone was a curve 8530 on virgin mobile. I had never really had anything like it, and instantly loved it. I've been with BB ever since.
    05-16-13 06:49 PM
  13. Bobert_123's Avatar
    I've stuck with them because I feel as if BlackBerry users are unique. We don't NEED apps. We don't NEED what's hot right now. All we need is the phone itself. Besides I like knowing I don't hop on the bandwagon of what's "Hot" at the moment.

    Posted via CB10
    Exactly, being a BB user makes a person stand out from a crowd, in a good way imo
    05-16-13 06:53 PM
  14. dbmalloy's Avatar
    because it does what I want.......
    05-16-13 07:26 PM
  15. DatMisterB's Avatar
    My phone is a communication device and BlackBerry makes the best communication devices.
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    05-16-13 07:30 PM
  16. endoskeletal's Avatar
    I started with the Curve 8310 back in 2006 or so. Then I upgraded to the Bold 9700, and then to the Torch 9810. I kept staying around basically for the physical keyboard & the fast e-mail. I specifically never wanted a fully-touch-screen phone, until I saw all the videos and photos of the Z10. Now, I have a Z10 and I've never loved a phone more. Everything about it is perfect to me.

    Whenever I've played with a friend's iPhone or Android, it just never felt intuitive to me, it always felt clunky and weird. The Z10 is sex in phone form.
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    05-16-13 08:07 PM
  17. walt63's Avatar
    Simple...because I want to.

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    05-16-13 08:20 PM
  18. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    I had a Nokia slide for the keyboard. After it took a trip through the laundry I was pretty upset. My husband got on the phone to Rogers and 2 days later my Curve 9300 arrived. It was running OS 5 and I later updated it to OS 6.

    Right off the bat I loved the keyboard, but it didn't take long for me to love the functionality of it too. My husband had an iphone and I was surprised at what seemed to be a constant stream of problems he had with it. I started to be the one at work that everyone brought their BlackBerry to if they had an issue (85% of it was just user misunderstanding. 10% of the time it was a carrier issue and one memorable issue for the other 5% involving a melting on a wood stove. And his BlackBerry kept working but couldn't get his camera going again).

    I was completely hooked. My husband moved on to an android, as did my son, my sister, my nephews and my brother-in-law. I tried them out, but just honestly didn't click with them. Then I got a pb for Christmas and the 2.0 update wasn't far off. I was in heaven.

    Up until January of this year I never saw my little curve as uncool. It was so completely functional and that was what mattered to me. It wasn't until I got the Z10 that I felt I had been missing anything. BlackBerry 10 has made me fall in love with my BlackBerry all over again. This OS is so well put together, you can see how much thought the designers have put into it, and this is just the beginning!

    Haha. I didn't mean to go on so long. The funny thing is, I really don't have anything bad to say about iphone or android, I just personally don't like them. I like BlackBerry.

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    05-16-13 08:40 PM
  19. EnchantedBB's Avatar
    Simple their products suit my needs. They make unique, secured, well-built, efficient and reliable communication devices.
    05-16-13 08:51 PM
  20. w0lfgang's Avatar
    I've stuck with them because I feel as if BlackBerry users are unique. We don't NEED apps. We don't NEED what's hot right now. All we need is the phone itself. Besides I like knowing I don't hop on the bandwagon of what's "Hot" at the moment.

    Posted via CB10
    Completely agree....and....email, sms, all things messaging. Wish I could say I have lots of time to show everyone how important and beautiful I am on Instagram.....but I don't
    05-16-13 10:06 PM
  21. fanchettes's Avatar
    I would just echo what others have said: BlackBerry is perfect for what I need a smartphone to do. What gets me is how dismissive people are of BlackBerrys when they don't even know what they can do. I am constantly, constantly demonstrating features and explaining things to people, like how totally underrated the Playbook is, and even simple things like customizing led colors to your contacts. I have even had to demonstrate to a classmate once that BlackBerrys do indeed play music and video, despite what the Verizon rep told him in the store.
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    05-16-13 10:49 PM
  22. rhimself's Avatar
    Completely agree....and....email, sms, all things messaging. Wish I could say I have lots of time to show everyone how important and beautiful I am on Instagram.....but I don't

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    05-16-13 11:16 PM
  23. jegs2's Avatar
    Stuck with it, because I saw goodness in the 9930 - and still do.
    05-16-13 11:43 PM
  24. BBFanatic4Life's Avatar
    My first phone was a Motorola Timeport 280, which I thought was a total badass phone. It looked like something a business executive would carry around and it had a voice recorder built right in. Then I held onto that until Sony-Ericsson brought out the W810i. Now that phone had expandable memory and a 2MP Camera, it was an amazing phone for its time.

    Then I got my first BlackBerry with the Curve 8900. The keyboard had me hooked. I was able to write messages, email, bbm, you name it. After a while it was slowing down and I upgraded to Torch 9800. I thought for sure this would be amazing, but the keyboard just couldn't compare to the Curve 8900. For a while I juggled both phones, but then an update came out for the 8900 that fixed all the slowness. Then work gave me an LG Optimus 3D to use. It was alright, had apps and games and a big display, but it wasn't a BlackBerry. As soon as the Bold 9900 was released I bought it and sold my 9800. I loved that 9900, it looked sexy and was a messaging machine. Then I was packing a Samsung S3 and my 9900. I'd use my 9900 99% of the time and play a few games on my S3 if I was bored. In between I tried an iPhone 4 for a few weeks and a Lumia 710. Both devices had their limitations so I went back to using my S3 as my secondary device.

    Finally the Z10 came out and I got it on launch day, it was fast, the browser was amazing, I was writing paragraph responses to people just so I could use the amazing on screen keyboard. I dabbled in apps and games, filling up 95% of the internal memory, but mostly all I used my phone for was CB10, BBM, WhatsApp, texting, emailing, calling and browsing. The Z10 was great for this, but then came the Q10. I saw it and it looked amazing. I held off getting it right away, instead getting the HTC One as my secondary device, but soon I had to have the Q10. At first I was distant as it sat next to my Z10, I used it for 36 hours and then the 10.1 update was finally released for the Z10 so I had to load it up and test it out. After a few days I switched back to the Q10 and have fallen in love with it. The amazing build quality, the sound quality, the touch and feel of the device, the feeling of my fingers on physical keys, being able to walk and type or just stare off into space as I reply to a message. It really is an amazing phone and as time goes by my muscle memory improves to its former glory.

    Their are many reasons why I stick with BlackBerry.

    1) They make phones for getting **** done. By far the greatest communication devices in the world.
    2) The company is the under dog, have always served me well, and I plan on using a BlackBerry well into the future.
    3) I see huge innovation in the future. BlackBerry isn't sitting back, they are listening to us customers and they are building amazing products. Yes it would be nice if they did it faster, but it takes time to build something amazing. It'll really be something to look back in 5 years and see where BlackBerry is.
    4) BlackBerry builds devices for communication first. I look at other mobile platforms and I see ulterior motives for their existance. iOS was built to push apps and music by Apple. Android was built as an extension for advertising so it could make billions of dollars. Only BlackBerry builds a phone as a communication device and I respect them for that. Plus they seem to want to protect their customers and not mine them for data or money or whatever else companies want from people these days.
    5) They are Canadian and I'm going to keep supporting them every way I can
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    05-17-13 12:06 AM
  25. southlander's Avatar
    Because I just find BlackBerry devices to be better designed for messaging which is my main use. Even with BlackBerry 10 its all about email, BBM etc for me. And Web browsing.

    Plus I get really irritated when people act like it is just inevitable that BlackBerry will die and disregard the merit of what BlackBerry is doing. Same crap you see now with the apple is on the way out attitude of the press. Simply put folks are too quick to dismiss these companies.

    Posted via BlackBerry 10
    05-17-13 01:27 AM
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