02-07-11 07:41 AM
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  1. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    I always used the CaseMate's Barely there, but after about 2 months or so of using it, I was getting way to annoyed at the sliders cover popping off when I was in the cold. (I live in Sask. and the winters here suck) I took it off, have never dropped my phone since I had it, even with the case, and I find that the torch just looks better by it self.
    02-07-11 05:41 AM
  2. zensen's Avatar
    I don't need a case.
    02-07-11 05:46 AM
  3. anon3396357's Avatar
    I can drop my BlackBerry Curve 8520 15 foot and it doesn't even get a scratch (the battery case catch bent slightly, but it easily pulled back and locked back into its normal place). That was WITHOUT a case, just a bare BlackBerry. Sorry, but I don't need cases. The sort of work I do doesn't require it. I may consider a case for my torch though.
    True. I wouldn't waste money on a case for the 8520 too. No point buying a case to protect a low end budget phone made of plastic.
    02-07-11 07:41 AM
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