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    I have a problem, the blackberry curve 9300 why every time I want to download files over 2gb, he immediately completed, and the emerging speed 0 kbps I've tried also with uc browser download, files that I downloaded 4.1 gb he successfully downloaded, but stopped after downloaded 1.99 gb I'm confused, does blackberry os 6 can only download 1.99 gb or ream is maximal 2gb download limit? I also never tried to download on blackberry bold 9780 friends I type, but the result is the same as curve 9300, failed
    I'm following the appearance of the browser when downloading files over 2 gb:

    I need some enlightenment from you all, thank you
    12-16-11 12:42 AM
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    help me
    12-16-11 02:23 AM