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    As the BlackBerry stock continues to rise, and the number of positive or semi positive articles continue to increase, pitted against the declining handset sale numbers and market share, it leaves me with the same question I have been asking all along. Why did Prem step down from the BlackBerry board so he could initiate over a billion dollar investment into BlackBerry at a time, most including the BlackBerry diehards, felt BlackBerry was dead for sure.

    Well I always believe in a "driving force" factor.....always. For example, most humans will wake up in the morning and do nothing if they could......now just a minute before you pounce! Think about your honest answer. You wake up, go downstairs. In one room you can sit down and have a gourmet breakfast served to you, or you could go into the kitchen and make it yourself. Where are most of us sitting?......A driving force could be "you enjoy working" or "you have to work". Either way there is a driving force that makes you do what you are going to do.....good or bad.

    So why Prem? Why such a risk? I am sure you could have diversified your investment elsewhere? Some would say well he can't lose.....its structured so he won't fail, only all the other stock holders will.....well in business, when you invest in a failing company, well good luck with that! I don't care who or what you are, you can get burnt.

    Or perhaps the picture is much different behind closed doors. While the markets, media, consumers are all tearing BlackBerry a new one, "they should be working on this or that", "where is BlackBerry's iphone" etc......perhaps the QNX acquisition, BB10, BES10/12 and other things we don't even know about were a longer term plan. I believe the stock price being undervalued, hence BlackBerry being undervalued, combined with the hidden future value of BlackBerry and their technology is why Prem took the leap. Like where did the passport even come from. Tactile keyboard with touch screen capabilities, and the patents to boot. Sure you may not be a passport fan, but the keyboard concept could prove to be a grand slam on various other devices going forward. The passport could be simply the first off the line with such a bold statement that turns even the most die hard Apple fans into rubber neckers.

    Time will tell, but I see BlackBerry gaining serious ground over the next 5 years. Great tech, with the return of the investors, will bring carriers back along with consumers. I believe we are seeing the turn of BlackBerry for the better under Chen.

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    07-11-14 11:29 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Very well said!

    I'd like to comment further to the discussion, but they're threatening kittens over here.
    07-11-14 11:59 AM
  3. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Prem is wise, there is a space for BlackBerry definitely in the market and always will be ,from the Corporate World alone they can make billions offering what they always offered, security. I too see the writing on the wall 5 years from now BlackBerry is on its way back up, perhaps not to number one but certainly a more Stable. Secure alternative to what's out there. There is no need to be another Iphone or Android ,Chen is also wise to return to the core success of BlackBerry in Enterprise. Its what will bring them up full circle.

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-14 12:40 PM
  4. TgeekB's Avatar
    Can't argue with anything said thus far. The 5 year time frame is realistic also. It won't happen with one device or one update. Well said.

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    07-11-14 04:45 PM
  5. Double_J75's Avatar
    Didn't he sell some stock shortly before the last quarter announcements? I thought I read it was him or another large investor.

    Seemed like strange timing and made me assume that bad news was coming. Thankfully the news was better than expected.

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-14 04:59 PM
  6. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Prem did not sell his shares. It's the other two former Ceo.

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-14 06:44 PM
  7. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    It's like going to the track, IMO. The favorites are more likely to pay off, but it's a smaller payout than you would get if you put your money on a longshot and it hits.
    07-11-14 06:58 PM
  8. Signhere's Avatar
    Well, from a guy holding 1025 shares at $8, let's hope your right! ;-)

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-14 06:59 PM
  9. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    Well said OP. Insight, some inside knowledge, patience and focused effort in a new direction is exactly what BlackBerry needed and needs. That is what Prem saw and put his resources behind.
    07-11-14 07:03 PM

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