1. walexzboy's Avatar
    All the android apps I've been downloading didn't work on my BlackBerry classic however it's running O.S and the Google play I downloaded works perfectly.. pls what's going on? I need help from you guys..
    06-07-17 03:47 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Those apps might require a higher android runtime than the Classic has. That being said you can upgrade your OS version as you are on old OS.

    06-07-17 03:51 AM
  3. D BB's Avatar
    Please don't upgrade your phone. 10.3.3 is full of bugs. (drain battery, android runtime fails...)

    You need to find on google, the right app versions who still work.
    Write the apps you want. I'll help you

    Posted via CB10
    06-07-17 04:14 AM

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