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    Hi. Just curious how everyone's search for apk's is going? We now have access to an abundance of Android apk's...this is really a gem for the platform having a plethora of apps now available

    Apparently there is a high success rate around the forums. Many posting on how effortless the discovery process is and claiming that their fav apps are working flawlessly.

    Now here is the catch. Unfortunately we have some apps that aren't fully supported yet. I feel for those users and hope post we have more robust support for your fav Android apps.

    I am very impressed with where the Android runtime is headed. Having the best Android runtime on the market is a possibility.....inching ever closer. hope Blackberry makes this a reality ( which imho is definitely becoming a reality)

    I have been using 1 mobile and Amazon for app discovery. I personally find Amazon to be a bit dull compared to 1 mobile's content discovery experience.

    What apps are you using? What apps do you want supported that currently aren't functioning?

    If there is an app that doesn't function what is the reason etc! ?

    The Android runtime is finally at a point in its own evolution where it is offering a premier experience and only getting better. Further api support and deeper system integration will make it that much better.

    What if we were to get Google services? Certain aspects of the Android runtime ae now white listed, from which they were in the past black listed. Very interested to know what gems and capabilities will surface

    How do you feel this poses for consumer adoption?

    I personally utilize Android apps to fill the void where native app support is limited or void at present. I embrace a rich Android app experience. This is great for the platform and the end user
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    Imho Allowing for the effortless means to obtain Android apps on the BB10 platform will be a catalyst to increased consumer adoption. How this will impact the platform is unknown. However I am now aware of several + forumers who would not embrace the BB10 Platform due to a limited app experience...they now are keen to adopt the platform. This trend should most definitely translate to the general consumer side.

    I don't feel that extensive Android apps support will harm the native app development. Quite the contrary actually. As there becomes a renewed interest in the platform, this will spark an increase in adopters of the platform. Allowing for devs to further monetize on the platform.

    The Android runtime will allow consumers to have their favorite apps easily accessible. This should help the native devs further monetize and invest in the bb10 platform.

    I don't view is as a threat to native development

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    Can a mod change the title of the thread to, " who is enjoying Android apk's" from the current, " who is enjoying discovering apk's" thanks

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