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    Finnaly got a computer and the nerve to do the famous memory enhancer wipe all the stuff method. Let me tell u it was an adventure.

    First I couldn't get past the first two steps. But finally figured out what I was doing wrong. So I was rollin again.

    Then I messed up. Big time. I plugged my berry in and started removing stuff but I was still in the middle of altering java folders! When it restarted. I had a strange menu that didn't seem to function at all. Plus a bunch of pop up messages sayin "can't find this and that"

    So I tried to restore but puter wasn't reading a connection to my berry.

    So then I tried to just add apps. The process ended and I was stuck with what I thought was the white screen of death. Hourglass a turnin. After about five minutes it started to choke. Sputterin screen. I started to read up on fixen nuked berries. But didn't have time to wait so ran out the house with the broke berry.

    All of a sudden after the screen sputter, the berry popped back to life. A few pop up messages later... An att screen!wtf?!!

    Lol so now I'm happy the berry is workin. But now gotta figure out what happened to my address book. Oh yeah, all third party apps are gone! Lol
    But I did gain 12 mb of memory!

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    05-01-08 02:09 PM
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    Glad you were successful!

    When I first did the Memory Optimization I was scared too since I'm not too tech-savvy. The last thing I needed was to internally fry my phone!

    After a lot of re-reading, I freed up 17MB of memory!

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    05-01-08 02:17 PM
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    I have no idea if my operating system is wrong, or if i just have the att theme? i have att music and att mall. but of course the folder is empty because i have a tmobile i guess. The att look is ok, but I want my old berry stuff back! These clouds are makin me sick!lol

    and where the **** is my address book?
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