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    When I go to my BB App World my memory is 20 MB and then 10 minutes later it has changed. Today it was 2.6Mb and then I rebooted my phone and it was 18 MB. I didn't change anything or add any apps. How can my memory fluctuate that much without adding or deleting any apps??? What does this amount of memory reflect? Apps only? Other stuff as well?

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    02-10-10 06:40 PM
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    You're on the 8330?

    With it's limited memory, when it gets down below a certain level, it starts deleting things that you should be. This would be things like your browser cache, your push content, emails and texts. Things like that.

    From what I've read in other threads ( see this thread, for example ) your memory really isn't a reflection of how many programs you have open or how often you "reset" your phone. So Maybe it has to do with the way that app world is handeling the apps that are installed/uninstalled. Not exactly sure other than with the removing of the "trash".
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