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    Great forum and website.

    I have just had my first BlackBerry and im loving it, wish i had got one ages ago.

    I have been reading the threads and noticed some of the shortcuts that can be done by typing in various letters, i know this might seem a bit daft, but i have tried typing the letters in a message window and in the phone book with Dial from Home screen turned off but i get nothing.
    Could some kind person please explain where i have to type the letters in.

    Thank you
    02-08-10 12:23 AM
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    No, type them from your homescreen. If you're in a program it won't work.

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    02-08-10 12:48 AM
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    Thanks JayKayBee,

    When i do that it just brings up people in my phone book e.g: if i press A then space bar it brings my brothers name up. This is done from the dektop on my phone..
    02-08-10 01:35 AM
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    That could be normal. A is the shortcut to Address Book. Try some of the others listed below, and if those also pop up your contacts or the dialing screen, then double check that you have dialing from homescreen turned off (green call button, blackberry button, scroll down to options, general options, dial from homescreen set to no, save).

    The list of shortcuts are as follows:
    A = Address Book
    B = Browser
    C = Compose
    D = Memo Pad
    F = Profiles
    K = Lock Screen
    L = Calendar
    M = Messages
    N = BBM
    O = Options
    P = Phone/Call Log
    Q = Vibrate Mode or the shorcut to QuickLaunch on OS5 if you have that app installed
    S = Search
    U = Calculator
    V = Saved Messages
    W = WAP Browser or shortcut to Berry Weather on OS5 with that app installed

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    02-08-10 02:15 AM
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    You can also try Quicklaunch app. Create shortcuts to anything on your phone..

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    02-08-10 02:19 AM
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    Thank you very much, that worked.
    I will attempt to get Quicklaunch app and install it...
    02-08-10 02:33 AM