1. mapat's Avatar
    Forgive my ignorance, but are email attachments stored on the
    device memory? I would hate to take up valuable device memory.
    I would rather eliminate emails than cause my Curve to slow down
    or clog up. If the attachments (mainly jpegs) are stored on the
    device memory, is there any way to route them to my media card?
    Thank you very much.
    08-18-08 08:37 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Unless you are running OS4.5 with Docs-To-Go, email attachments are stored with the email in device memory. There's no way to store them on the media card and have access to them, unless you are using Docs-To-Go. If you have the email on your PC, you can save the attachment and copy it to the Media Card, but you can't view or open it. Currently only eOffice (available for all platforms) and Docs-To-Go (available for OS4.5) are the only apps that let you store and operate on attachments on the Media Card.
    08-18-08 09:57 PM
  3. mapat's Avatar
    So JeffH, are you also saying that it is best to limit the number of attachments you have on your Blackberry? Attachments will eventually eat up a big chunk of device memory? Thanks.
    08-18-08 10:24 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    Large attachments will definitely take up memory. If you have 20MB file free, then 10 1MB attachments would take up half your free memory. But a 1MB doc or xls is an uncommonly big file. ppts are another story. They can get big in a hurry. So it just depends on what you're storing. If you keep an eye on your file free, you can manage it. Docs-to-Go will help, but of course it will have to have memory to operate as well.
    08-18-08 11:12 PM