1. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    When it rains... what do you do to protect your Berry? What do people think is the best holster to have/use on a rainy day?

    Right now I have only the standard holster, but I can see that it would offer no protection from rain. So right now, I would stick it into a breast pocket on my coat most likely. Not yet having a BSE, I risk scratching stuff, but nothing else will go in with it, so I should be safe for a bit.

    What do others do?
    06-03-08 12:04 AM
  2. Click's Avatar
    OtterBox....nuff said
    06-03-08 12:06 AM
  3. tmember's Avatar

    Seriously, if it's just raining, put it in a small zip-loc bag. But go look at this AQUAPAC Pouch (link below), which we could use if we're around a pool or any body of water.

    100% waterproof/dustproof/sandproof

    Waterproof Pouch Case "Smartphone Size" By Aquapac - 104: ExtremePDA

    The salesman said it's a universal case, and there a small camera in it in the large picture. I don't know what's with the black thing at the bottom. Anybody know?

    06-03-08 12:39 AM