1. bsannich's Avatar
    so i have some old BBs that i use for alarm clocks, mini wifi web browsers throughout my house, door stops, etc. i just checked the uptime of an old 8520 - 14,636,962 seconds:

    14,636,962 seconds:
    = 243,949 minutes
    = 4,066 hours
    = 169 days
    = 24.2 weeks
    = 5.6 months

    uptime is measured form the last battery pull - and since that phone is only used for an alarm clock, i literally never pull the battery (or turn it off). so it has been powered up for almost 6 months straight.

    my "mobile wifi web browser" 9810 has barely been running at only 18 days.

    useless? of course. but i thought it was interesting nonetheless.

    04-23-12 07:17 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    i had a 9700 i was using as an alarm clock a few months ago. it was connected to wifi, no SIM. it finally ran out of battery around the 35th day when i had to recharge it. after that i just left it on the cradle without touching it for a few months straight, probably about as long as you, without a reboot.
    04-23-12 08:51 PM