1. dcgore's Avatar
    A few weeks ago I had read on other treads gmail was not being pushing to our blackberry devices as it usually is and i noticed that was in fact the case. Well, is it just me or this is not yet fixed?

    For the last couple of days i have noticed my ipad which is set to check for emails every 15 minutes is picking up my gmails first than my blackberry which will eventually signal i got emails, only about 5 minutes after the ipad.

    What gives?
    11-24-10 07:54 AM
  2. hytran's Avatar
    Gmail seems to have issues outside of mobile devices lately, too. Sending attachments totaling, oh, over 8MB from PC based clients ends up with a hung outbox and an eventual 421 error. I know a 10MB attachment doesn't go, but 5MB does.

    You get what you pay for? LOL

    That said, I had one e-mail take an astounding 2 hours to finally reach my Blackberry yesterday. I have to keep m.gmail.com open just to see the replies...

    It really seems to affect the core of the day, starting mid morning and not letting up until late afternoon. It sucks.
    11-24-10 07:57 AM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    yeah i wish gmail would just fix their sh!t.....
    11-24-10 08:09 AM
  4. hytran's Avatar
    yeah i wish gmail would just fix their sh!t.....
    Well said LOL

    I used to rely on Gmail as the poor-man's BES, now I have to hand out my @att.blackberry.net address...
    11-24-10 08:31 AM