1. bobdelt's Avatar
    Ok... so 5.0 sounds great. New BB Messenger, threaded texting, improved browser for most of us....

    But take a look around.... Android, iPhone, WebOS......

    Suddenly, the Blackberry OS is starting to look like the old PALM OS (otherwise known as POS....hardy har har).....

    Recently RIM has made some key acquisitions, including former apple people... So what I want to know, is what do we have next? I'm tied to blackberry due to work, and I'm not going to carry 2 phones. So I want see whats next.

    OS 5, is going to be evoluntionary...but, it's silly to believe that RIMM doesnt have a response to the Web OS, Android or iPhone.

    I can't wait. I know the resources of RIM, they must have a good group developing software. We've heard dream rooms of blackberry android (won't happen) or a webkit browser(probably wont happen) - because of what makes blackberry what it is - (i.e. great security and messaging) - an OS will be developed in house.

    But I want to know, what is OS 6?!?!?! OS 5 is another OS 4 with a few bells and whistles... .show me the goods!!!!!!!!!!
    06-26-09 08:20 PM
  2. Card Storm's Avatar
    its about time we got some intellegent people in this forum who would like to think ahead....im already liking your thinking and i feel like i fit in here. So with that being said ^high five^.

    I agree with you. OS 5 is going to mark the beginning of the new revolution. We arent going to see an immediate huge Change. But to me its like laptops..these are miniature computers, so you can ahve a really old laptap, but have the latest and greatest windows software on it, maybe the hardware cant handle it, but thats not the case since hardware isnt really the main issue with these newer devices.

    I think by the time OS 6 hits around, we will definately be in Storm 2...and the updates will have the fullest impact of The new guy Don Lindsay, so Im really lookin forward to this, as he has already been with them long enough to have atleast some influence of direction for blackberry. They have already stated in an interview with the head of RIM, that they are changing the look and feel of blackberry, maintaining its buisness sleek while still becoming more consumer friendly like the iPhone. and the iPHone is doing vice versa....so its gonna be really interesting how this is going to play out, competition is about to get really tough, and the fact that Research in motion is solely dedicated to phones while windows and apple are dedicated to way more and are richer companies, is a good sign because they are able to focus on what they are best at.
    06-26-09 08:39 PM
  3. scorpiodsu's Avatar
    Yup being solely dedicated the phones and they still put out a garbage storm and the same OS and marginal differences in devices. With all the time to be dedicated, you'd think they could be more innovative than the other companies who have resources dedicated in more that one industry. But I am looking forward and I hope they shake up the industry because I would like a blackberry to be my primary device again, but the current devices aren't good enough. We will see.
    06-26-09 08:57 PM